Iowa at Nebraska


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These refs stink, they missed obvious foul calls against Nebraska on each of the last 3 possessions.
Not sure.. I think the refs have been fairly good. Nebraska has been doing a good job going up vertically and not reaching on shots around the basket.

And they gave clark a nice foul on the 3 point shot that could easily have been a no-call.


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Hawks overcome some awful officiating to claim a big road win. Coach Bluder was after the officials for most of the 2nd half with good reasons.


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McKenna was hooked around the neck and slammed to the floor and there wasn't anything called. No blood no foul. Coley was the culprit. Catlin was getting pummeled pretty bad and Nebraska fans wonder why she gets cocky.


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Heck of a game on both sides, good road win. Nebraska looks like a Top 25 to me.......... at least yesterday. Don't watch the ladies too often but a game total of 53 three point attempts seems really high. Missiles were flying all day.

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