Huckstorf's Record Night Powers Iowa Comeback


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That's awesome. Incredible game.

30 runs is unheard of. The FB team only scored more than that 3 times last year. ;)
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A buddy of mine was keeping me updated. I couldn't believe the score when it was 16-14. 30 runs is more than they have scored in any one of their series this whole season.


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My son was playing HS ball last night and I briefly seen the score was 9-2 Indiana and didn't bother checking the rest of the game. Came home and checked for the hell of it and it was 13-12 so I put the game on and had one heck of an entertaining time the rest of the evening.

But I have to admit some of it was painful to watch, I think Indiana at one point dropped 3 easy fly balls in a row. Their defense is atrocious.

I'm going to the game tonight, they say there is fireworks after the game. Hopefully there will be a few more fireworks during the game from Iowa hitters.


I left after 2 1/2 and Iowa down 13-2. When I shoot photos, I usually bail early to work them up.

The wind was cranking out to all fields last night and it was warm. Indiana loaded up its lineup with lefties against Mazur and just tried to get the ball in the air. It worked for awhile. The ump also was squeezing Mazur.

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