Howe: Iowa Football Finishing Strong in Recruiting


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I enjoy following recruiting and have for quite a long time. It's pretty amazing how things have changed and how Iowa has ramped things up with their recruiting efforts vs. earlier times. Some changes have "forced" Kirk to ramp up his efforts but other things look like he's been influenced by his staff of recent years in my opinion. I keep reading as of late that more and more recruits put more value into the stability of Kirk's tenure as well as that of his staff. Seems to be more of a value card in favor of Iowa based on commentary from many prospects and visitors. Recent recruiting results and interest levels expressed from prospects seem to support this.

Just something to consider next time we're feeling the need to move on to new leadership. Of course it's all measured by wins in the end.


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KF and company certainly seemed to have snapped victory from the jaws of defeat in this recruiting cycle. I think most of us this Summer were just hoping we could somehow land a normal Top 40 type class this cycle, but the coaches really did the work and landed another great class. Is that 3 Top 30 classes in a row?

The increase in recruiting prowess seems to be helping on the field. Let's keep these double digit win seasons going.