Hey We all knew it was coming But


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I guess I didn't expect it to be so dramatic against a team like Purdue. 7 games in and our offense is getting worse if that is possible. Major reason is Offensive coordinator. We don't have great talent but we can't block anyone, our receivers can't get open and of course our QB seems to be getting slower.
By the way when is the last time we pitched the ball to Goodsen to get the corner? I don't remember any today. Instead we run off tackle when they have the box stacked and undoubtedly lead the country in runs for losses.

So whats next? I'm afraid more painful attempts to move the ball. it is just not possible to make "corrections" and suddenly have an even average offense. Hopefully we can win 3 of the last 5 and have a good year, but frankly it is clear now that anyone can beat us. Just have to hope we can use the formula of defense and turnovers to win a few more. Not really a very "fun" team to watch

Hopefully we can win 9 games and maybe beat someone in a bowl?? And then Ferentz can retire after a great run at Iowa. Brian can go to coach TEs in the pros and Barta decides to call it quits.

Than hire Bob Stoops as AD, get lucky at hiring a new coach that doesn't recruit slow pocket QBs and bring back some Hayden Fry excitement to the program. If we have to lose id much rather do it 52-49 than 10-3


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Offensive offensive coordinator, Brian. He runs the offense like I make stew. I throw in whatever I feel like and hope it's good.

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