Hawkeyes vs Suckeyes at 3:00


Dang it! Happened again!

When is the athletic department going to realize they can't keep changing things up at the last minute?

First they tell us the Hawks are playing Michigan State at 8:00 Thursday. Then--out of nowhere, I might add--it's all of a sudden Ohio State at home at 3:30!! How the hell is that acceptable? I can't take off work on such short notice, and since when does a top 5 basketball program play at 3:30 in the afternoon???

This is frickin bullshit, people!! Imagine if there were fans who had tickets!!! Gary Barta should thank his lucky stars that there aren't spectators in the stands getting screwed over!!!

The NERVE!!!


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Today will tell if the Hawks have stepped their game. I know they are a young team and I've had to use a lot of ice this season but I'm anxious to see how they fare against OSU. This is the season in a nutshell. Not anticipating a win so maybe they'll surprise me. Go Hawks!


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Coach Bluder must have been stressing how important a strong start with defensive intensity will be necessary for a victory. They are capable of that, but haven’t shown it very often. Let’s go Hawks.
I won’t be joining much so help pick it up for me please.


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Clark is bouncing back big time, 7 points already including that long range 3. Iowa is up by 4.

Edit: make that 10 points and Iowa up by 7. She's scoring too fast for me to keep up with.