Hawkeyes in the 2024 WNBA


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I'm starting this thread to track how current Hawkeyes are doing in the WNBA. I'm really tracking Indiana and Las Vegas, but you never know another Hawkeye might get picked up. Anyway. my two cents worth about The Fever vs the Mystics and the Aces vs the Sparks.

The Fever beat the win less Mystics by 1 point behind a 30 point effort by Clark. Critics of Clark are the amount of turnovers. She leads the league, but their are others held in higher esteem that having their fair share. It was obvious the 4 days off really helped her.

The Aces are struggling without some key players. Kate Martin is getting a lot of playing time. Kate started on June 9th because one of the Aces was ill. She had a very good game in her first start. She was 5 for 7 shooting and 3 of 3 from 3 point line. If there is a steal in the draft she is it. She is better than many of the ladies on the Fever's bench. She is a coach on the floor when she is out there.

The Fever play @ the Sun's tonight. Sun's lost their first game this weekend.

I hope this serves its intended purpose.
6/10/24 The Fever got humiliated by Connecticut in a blow out loss. The coach sat all but one starter out the second half. Clark played 22 minutes and had 10 points. That's the fewest minutes she has played.

After 13 games the Fever is not a "team". It is pretty much a collection of players that don't fit together. The post and forward players are slow afoot. Last night there wasn't one assist on a break. Hell, there wasn't any break away baskets when it counted.

When the Olympic break comes up the Fever should fire Sides and bring in a new coach. It would give the new coach a chance to repair the damages she has done.
6/13/24 Las Vegas lost to Minnesota on the 11th by double digits. Martin played significant minutes and did some good things. I've not seen all the teams play yet, but Minnesota is the best offensive team I've watched. Too bad that Clark isn't on the Lynx. The Lynx are currently statically the best offensive team in points and percentages.

Indiana plays Atlanta tonight and is a winnable game unless coach Sides can figure out another way to lose. Even Indiana is better statically than Atlanta. Indiana's biggest weaknesses are rebounding and poor defense. They are dead last in total rebounding per game. When it comes to assist per game they are 10th out of 12 with 18.9/game. Clark is averaging 6 assist per game. Only God knows how many she would have if her team mates could make layups.
6/15 - 6/16 - 2024 Kate Martin still getting plenty of Minutes for the Aces. As defending champs the Aces are only 6 and 6. I expect her minutes will go down when their injured all-star guard returns. They also signed a semiretired guard and she took some minutes. When the all star guard returns the Aces may be faced with cutting a player. If it was Martin there is probably a team that would pick her up.

If you watched the game Sunday against Chicago you know Clark played a very solid game. It was probably the Fever's best "team" game of the season. They still have a huge team chemistry problem and a head coach in over her head. What a ditz.

After 15 games here is what I've learned about the WNBA.
Narcissism is prevalent.
Intelligence is not a requirement.
Not every player is one of the best 144 players in the world..