HawkeyeNation Get together Weekend!


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Northside Hawk said:

Have you or anyone else who posts regularly ever thought of getting g about two dozen regular posters together for a weekend of golf, fishing, a couple Pony Creek shows and general debauchery?

It will never happen, and who knows how many of us would leave in one piece. But its a cool thought anyway.
There would be both lifelong friends made, and fist fights.

That would be the all time weirdest get together that’s ever happened. It would be truly amazing.

Taken from a football thread. Ok Hawkeyenation, who you huggin' and who you jackin' at first meet?

Name the poster you would first hug.
Name the poster you'd first jack.

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Name the poster you would first hug.

We talking bro-hug here or you gonna grab my ass?

Name the poster you'd first jack.

I probably wouldn't "jack' anyone, I'm probably not strong enough to knock anyone out and I can't run very fast. That Clinton guy I'd like to have a few words with but he wouldn't attend unless it was a tailgate at a women's event.


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I would hug Fry first. And make it just long enough of a hug to be slightly awkward.

Poster I would 'jack'? Nobody on here gets me worked up enough to punch. But I might silently judge them from across the way. Possibly a stink-eye.