Hate having to cheer for blue....but I Definitely am tonight!


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Going to be a good game. The Badgers moved the ball rather well before having to punt to start the game. Michigan should be up by three but missed the FG.....

Another good one to watch on a Saturday Night, just like the Ohio State at Penn State game.....

Good day for football lovers



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Go Blue! Your my boy!
Gotcha on that one!



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Hornitoad is dead worthless when he has to move around with pressure. Parker screwed that up so bad in our game.


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Uhhh, you need to cheer from now on for every team that plays the Wisky Rodents

Damn straight

How sweet it would be to finish ahead of them to make it to Indianapolis

We shall see. The possibility exists. I mentioned it after the Badger game at Kinnick, but it was only wishful thinking. Now it seems possible especially if the Wolverines bash their brains to smithereens.....