Failure of the Iowa staff


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This staff has failed to capitalize on one of the most talented players to ever play women's basketball. We continue to have subpar athletes filling roles on a team that should clearly be in the top four. You are not going to tell me there are not long lean athletic girls that would love to play with Clark. Instead, we have slow unathletic girls who cannot create their own shots and never play any quality defense. The season thus far has played out just as I imagined. No defense, no seemingly desire to improve defense, no seemingly desire to hit the transfer portal for more athletic defensive minded players. The Big 10 is loaded this year with women's basketball teams. This current roster will struggle to finish in the top four in the Big ten. Right now we have the most talented player in the nation playing with a subpar NAIA squad.


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Also, if you've noticed Monica's been getting doubled and triple teamed because you basically don't have to guard at least two or three other girls.
Their whole offense is predicated on a good pick and roll. When the other teams either have a really athletic C or high/low Monica, the pick and roll isn't effective. IA then just gives the ball to Clark and says do it all on your own.

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