Does the NIL make them Professional?


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Just curious so I looked up the definition of Professional
"Person engaged in a specified activity especially a sport or branch of performing arts as a main paid occupation rather than a pastime"

I guess you could make the argument either way. With a player like Proctor if he starts what will be his paid occupation as a paid college player it seems like that may qualify him by definition?

I'm not suggesting it is wrong. Capitalism is not perfect but better than most economic systems and one we accept. Being 18 does not exempt you from participating.

Is the NIL going to change college athletics? Sure Is the NIL going to make the "richer" even richer? Probably
do you have to continue to watch college sports? No (but i want to)

The one thing that I think might be appropriate is for Coaches and Athletic Directors to quit referring to all players as student athletes. Clearly some have always been paid student athletes but now that we officially recognize it lets be accurate