Cool picture of Iowa FB field circa 1920

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
And a library, the English Philosophy Building, the Broadcasting building, and the Iowa Memorial Union.

They saved Union Field which has survived several attempts to purge it. And I think the Danforth Chapel is there somewhere.

Probably not good to have to have baseball field facing west however. A little dangerous for a batter to look into the setting sun. Would have been cool, however, to have a train engine drive by and blow it's whistle everytime Iowa scored a touchdown.

You knew when night classes started in the EPB because a train would go by regular as clockwork around 7:05 pm.
1927 photo of same field.
"Iowa Field" opened in 1890 and at its peak, held 30K.
Kinnick of course opened in 1929, with an astounding, for its time, 53K capacity.
Almost a 40 year run!

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