Clark is Incredible

Yes she is. I can't think of a greater athlete off hand, not even in field hockey where Iowa has had multiple Olympic athletes on those great teams.
Just wish Bluder could have recruited a better team around her.
So far she has had 1 class during a pandemic. It is too early to judge that class and the next class has some talented players. Coach is putting together a talented group - just watch.
So fun to watch. Is she the greatest female athlete ever to play at Iowa? I vote yes

Yes, and watching the last half of their season last year was just great. Clark has great body control when driving and knows how to really get a defender on her hip to make them totally helpless. Of course a great shooter and passer. Very fun, awesome to watch and still so young.
She’s fun to watch but Bluder doesn’t need to leave her in for stat padding in a blow out.

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