Carver Hawkeye Arena

Do the following:

1. Enclose some of the upper concourse with Suites. This will help keep the sound in and make money at the same time.
2. Install a digital ribbon beneath suites going around entire arena.
3. Need hi tech center scoreboard. Do something unique with this that is different from other arenas.
4. Bleacher type seating about 12 rows up surrounding court. Need students there.
5. Improve the music! More upbeat tunes.
6. Add in some other marketing type items to get fans pumped. Every been to an NBA game?

This is not rocket science and the University has the dough.

Also, of note:

Some of these newer arenas- Ohio State, Nebraska, etc. just don't do it for me. I like more of the tradition behind the older stadiums ( ie- Indiana, etc.). With that said, there are ways to improve what we have to make it more hostile.

Just do it.

Go Hawks!

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