Boycott Barta


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Barta should have been gone as soon as he lost the lesbian lawsuit, this much we can all agree on. PC culture should never be allowed to infect Iowa. Only thing that will make a difference is $$$. Boycott attending Iowa athletic events until he is fired or until Dolph is reinstated. Say boycotts don't work? Well, Star Wars was supposed to give Rian Johnson a trilogy........after Soylo bombed he's gone. Boycotts work because money talks. Get woke, go broke.


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Boycotting the games punishes the players who have worked their asses off to have a good season.

yeah, i don't like the boycott thing that hurts the innocent. the info you provided for learfield, Iowa Pres and barta offices should get the point across.

Edit: though it does feel like boycotting games would send a message to barta. but it's the unintended consequences.


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You know what could add some heat to this? What if Bobby Hansen quit on air because of the Dolph situation? Lol I kid, but wouldn't that finally get rid of Barta?


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Barta and Harreld should be gone! Period! The massive mismanagement and incompetence at the top that continually creates a toxic culture for University of Iowa needs to come to an end! This is going to create another lawsuit against the U of I and hope this will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back. Gary Dolphin has been nothing but a loyal Hawkeye supporter long before Gary Barta and Bruce Harreld ever came to Iowa, and suddenly he’s a racist? His comments that he used to describe Bruno Fernando was taken by me and Im sure by many others, that he was a beast inside the paint. An unstoppable force! That is a complement my friends, not a rascist remark. He’s King Kong, Superman, Godzilla, Captain Marvel, are all analogies, not meant to be taken as rascist comments. I understand that the University has the right to have anyone they want to do play-by-play for Iowa games. But to do it in this way and purposely trying to smear Dolph in this way is nothing short of criminal. Barta should’ve been fired after the first landmark lawsuit, but now I think it’s time for a complete housekeeping of the entire lineup of the usual suspects in this administration that keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Let’s start with Barta and Harreld and work our way down until all of these people that are causing this toxic culture is gone! There’s something in the milk that isnt clean.


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Yeah... I'm gonna stop supporting the teams I've been supporting for several decades because someone doesn't like the A.D. who happens to be running one of the top 5-10 most successful programs in the country and because a mediocre broadcaster got a raw deal from the PC Police.

Not likely...


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I was going to buy the audio package to listen to the Iowa baseball games.

Decided not to. I’ll just follow on twitter.

As far as boycotting games hurting players/innocent. That’s up to each person to spend their money as they want of course.

I can see both viewpoints.

There are some who don’t give and aren’t willing to give Dolph the benefit of the doubt of innocence.


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Although it is not really funny, in the traditional sense, I am amused that the President of the U of I is getting blasted from some corners, entirely about athletics related issues. Like it or not, athletics is only a minor screen on his radar. Our President was the most controversial hire in the history of the University of Iowa. He was hand picked by the Board of Regents, and was selected under a cloud of secrecy, from a field of prominent, effective university administrators with significant, well documented success. President Herrald was hired as a business oriented executive, with no experience in education, let alone college athletics, in the face of great criticism based on the foolishness of hiring yet another "business man" to run the organization according to private sector management theories.. Those types of decisions have been ineffective in a variety of other hires in the field of education. What has been discovered is that administrating a public university vs running a private business is a completely different animal.

Now, when it comes to the area of personnel management, which is reputable in the public sector of being much more performance oriented in terms of evaluations and resultant promotion or termination, the President's strength in the personnel area is under great fire, at least on this internet forum.

Here is another theory about his evaluation of Gary Barta, with regard to the sexism issues involving an Iowa coach. Maybe the President determined that the court decided incorrectly in the case that was ultimately lost by the University. Maybe from a business perspective, the President was right. How much criticism of court opinions has been made public in the last few years? Maybe the President was standing up to the court and saying, "We will not bend to your liberal bias, and even if we lost, we will stand firm." Would that not be a predictable response within the private sector business world?

Just to be clear, I was shocked by the lack of wisdom, the bias, shown by the Board of Regents when they hired President Herrald. The secrecy around the hire was inexcusable. But now, when that same President stands in support of members of his administration, with the obvious support of the Board of Regents, consistent with the private sector model, everybody is surprised and horrified. Not me.

My post is not about the performance of Gary Barta; it is not about attacking the decisions made by the President; it is not about attacking the decisions made by the Board of Regents. I just find the irony to be overwhelming, and, ultimately, rather funny. Carry on.


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Bobby remaining silent makes him just as complicit as the rest of them.

could be why political correctness works? ultimately, how many human beings sacrifice their well being for an ideal, or for what is right vs wrong? human nature is self preservation and in that vacuum, political correctness lives.


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could be why political correctness works? ultimately, how many human beings sacrifice their well being for an ideal, or for what is right vs wrong? human nature is self preservation and in that vacuum, political correctness lives.

I don't expect Hansen to fall on his sword. I DO expect him to step up when his broadcast partner is being savagely mistreated.

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