Bohnenkamp: Iowa Controls Destiny in Wild West


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The hawks control it now since Purdue lost but the hawks almost half to win out to hold the tie breakers against PU, Wisky, and Minny. Yeah PU will probably lose one and more likely two more games as I think MSU is pretty strong this year. Wisky and MInny still play each other. Lot's of possibilities but if the hawks win this weekend I would say they match up and should win the rest of their games.


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The great coaches know how to utilize the players they have and adjust things to help win a game. A good coach has a good program but not great because they lack the ability to change and do the things necessary to win. They run the same plays thinking that as long as they do them well the outcome will be good until they run up against a team that has found their weakness and exposes it year after year after year. We do it to Penn State and Purdue does it to us. That’s the problem with being good but not great.

History dictates that this Saturday’s game will be a toss up, unless the Hawkeyes can develop a few new wrinkles to throw a rench into the mix. If they don’t the difference could be as simple as home field advantage.