Bohnenkamp: Iowa Baseball Falls Short of Postseason


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It sucks Iowa didn't get in but the article is correct that losing those 2 series against Northwestern and Illinois knocked them out. Iowa did really well in the tough part of their schedule but then stumbled through the easy part.

Michigan got swept out of the regionals, losing to UConn and Central Michigan, Maryland put up a nice fight winning 2 games after losing on Friday, but fell short yesterday against 13th ranked South Carolina 9-6. But Nebraska so far is the big story from the Big Ten as they battled back to knock off top ranked Arkansas to force a rematch/elimination game tonight.

Normally I wouldn't think of rooting for Nebraska, but this isn't football so I think it's ok. They play tonight at 6 oclock on ESPN2.


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Nebraska pitchers were very good against Arkansas for 2 2/3 games. It really wasn’t until the end of Monday nights game that Arkansas got the better of Husker pitchers. Even in the Saturday night game they lost Nebraska pitchers were effective. Giving up 15 hits in 3 games to one of the nations top offenses was impressive.