Bohannon To 2,000 Point Club?


Looking at the numbers there are some things that make me say maybe, and some things that make me say no. It's a given that we are assuming no injuries or covid cancellations.

He's sitting at 1,788 right now, 212 pts short. 17 games to go in the regular season. It's pretty much a given that he'll pass Whit for #3 all-time.

Right now he's averaging 10.7 overall, but only 5.3 in conference. I have to think that 5.3 number will increase. If we assume he gets back to his normal Steady Eddie 10 PPG, and if we play 2 games in the BTT and 2 games in the tournament (VERY wishful thinking), he has a realistic shot as long as there are a couple games where he goes off for 20 or 25.

If we lose the first game of the BTT and don't make the dance, ain't happenin'. Either way he'll be darn close. My gut tells me that with his down minutes he's not going to get back to his 10 PPG anyway so maybe it's a moot point.


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He got his 3 point conference record allowing him to sink into the abyss if he allows himself to now. Man, if JBo is not scoring, he does not add much out there.


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At this point in time:
Jon Diebler minutes played: 4688
Jordan Bohannon minutes played: 4651

So he STILL has less minutes played than Diebler. Plus Jordan is averaging only 23.7 minutes per game this year, the lowest minutes per game in his career.