Blessing for football fans?


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Ok, there’s so much that sux with everything going on with college football.

Instead of focusing on negativity, let’s examine the ‘blessing’ on this, assuming things stay exactly as is (with BIG PAC MAC Mtn West not playing in Fall, but rest playing)...

First, we do get football from Sept to Feb, college and Pro!

Then, No longer depressed after Super Bowl, as Spring football starts shortly after and we then get another 3+ months of pigskin!:D

I really hope the other conferences play in the fall, because, if they are allowed to play in fall, CERTAINLY will the other conferences be allowed to play in Spring. No way those get cancelled!

Plus, instead of no fans or partial fans, we may be ‘allowed’ to fill up the Kinnick. Heck maybe even tailgate(it will be over a year of dealing with The Virus, and we will all be fed up with locking down etc)