3 incoming freshmen are All American nominees


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Congrats to Iowa's 3 incoming 3/4 star freshmen on earning All American nominations. This is another great recruiting class. 1613778400704.png
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This is a great incoming class, but we need to remember it’s very hard for freshmen to make a big impact. Sharon Goodman has been excellent and we are more likely to get that sort of contribution from these freshmen than the sort of contribution we’re getting from Caitlin Clark. Let’s not have unreasonable expectations for this class. Go Hawks!


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I'm hoping AJ will be able to help out early. This is a very good class and is going to be followed by another very good class. Things are heading in the right direction for Lisa.


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ESPN has Ediger 39th, O’Grady 92nd, both 4*. Affolter’s not ranked In the top 100. I agree that the closest to PT next year would be Ediger, though they list her as a post. But then, they talk up her face up game combined with range to the 3. That’d almost make her a forward, someone like Warnock.