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    A 5-6 Nebraska beating 11-0 Iowa this year?

    A Nebraska writer says Iowa will be undefeated for the Nebraska game this season. Iowa plays for cfb playoff and Nebraska for a bowl game. Says this year's heroes game will actually matter...
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    How to watch the game saturday

    Week 16 | NCAA Men's Basketball 2012-13 | Streaming & Discussion This site always works for me. They should update the game to saturday in the next few days and a stream should be up.
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    Names of UI Neby rival game/trophy

    Throw out some potential names or ideas for what the trophy should look like for the Iowa vs Nebraska showdown. Some Include:Farmageddon, Tractor Tussel, Husk-eye Trophies: obviously anything corn oriented, american gothic painting, or perhaps the winner gets omaha. Your thoughts?