national championship

  1. DunderMifflinHk

    Expanding the CFP

    Here's how I would do it: 8 Teams 5 Automatic Bids - Power 5 Champions 3 At Large Bids Higher seed has home field advantage Week 15 (Dec 9th) - Elite Eight Week 16 - (Dec 16th) - Final Four Final Four games would be played at 11:00 and 2:30 After the Final Four games are played you would...
  2. Southernhawk

    Jimbo: "...when the money is on the line"

    During his on-field interview after the game, FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said in reference to Jameis Winston, "That's what big time players do when money is on the line." Huh? At best a poorly chosen figure of speech, at worst, the truth. Your thoughts?
  3. I

    Hawks Win Big Ten & No Rose Bowl?

    Could the Hawks actually win the Big Ten and not go to the Rose Bowl? What is this about Non Automatic Qualifiers & the Big Ten this year? Obviously, a Big Ten Champion could pass by the Rose if they played in the National Championship, but that's not happening for Hawks. So, what is this...