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    Photos: Iowa vs Northern Iowa 09.15.2012

    Iowa Fucking City vs Northern Iowa 09.15.2012 | Facebook Iowa City Tailgate, Alumni Hawkeye Band, Kinnick, Marching Band, Cheerleaders, Hawkeye Fans, Iowa City Pedmall Victory Celebration, SpoCo Bar, Brothers Bar, Fieldhouse.
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    Does this season mean anything to you anymore?

    After last weeks loss at NW I was very upset and didn't have anything to do with anyone. After having that loss I said to myself I wouldn't let the Hawks ruin my weekends anymore. We'll after last night's loss to be completely honest it really didn't have an impact on me positive or negative. I...
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    Did they fix Iowa's "Back in Black" intro this week?

    I did not have the luxury of going to this weeks game but I was just wondering if they ever fixed it so "Back in Black" was in sync with the team when they were coming out of the tunnel
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    BYU's stadium looks a whole lot like Kinnick

    Noticed this while on Look at the resemblence of the 2 stadiums
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    Is Kinnick to small, and wish for more night games?

    Personally and I speak in the words of all Iowa fans that I love going to Kinnick stadium and watching the Hawks play, but after seeing places like the Shoe is Columbus, Camp Randall, Beaver, and "The Big House", I realize Kinnick seems like a "High School" stadium to them. We all know Kinnick...