1. andrewdowns

    20 Best Plays in Iowa History

  2. DunderMifflinHk

    Hawks in the NCAA Tournament:

    Now I'm not predicting that Iowa is going to make it to the NCAA tournament but it's fun to see what they would need to get to, to make it possible. Here are some interesting facts: Lowest rated teams to get at-large bids (ALB): #67 USC, #64 Marquette ('11), #63 NC St ('05), #63 Stanford...
  3. HNMitchSmith

    Biggest "What-If's" of the Ferentz era

    What if Ricky Stanzi hadn't gotten hurt against Northwestern? What if the Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God never happened? Dave Scwhartz and I went back through the Ferentz era and came up with our 10 biggest "What-If's." What if a decision or an injury that went one way against the Hawkeyes...
  4. HNMitchSmith

    New WATN: Clinton Solomon

    Clinton Solomon put up big receiving numbers for the Hawkeyes despite playing just three seasons. At age 33, he's still catching passes and ranks as the top wideout in Indoor Football League history. http://hawkeyenation.com/where-are-they-now/clinton-solomon Do you have a favorite Clinton...
  5. HNMitchSmith

    VOTE: Friday Night Football -- Good or Bad for Iowa?

    Before the Penn State game, Gary Barta said Iowa would be participating in Friday night football games in the near future, but noted they would only participate on Labor Day Weekends. While Barta noted this wasn't an ideal situation for Iowa, he agreed to it anyways. Personally, I think it's a...
  6. HNMitchSmith

    New WATN: Jermelle Lewis

    Jermelle Lewis was incredibly talented, but caught a lot of bad breaks with injuries during his time as a Hawk. It'd be easy for Lewis to have a woe is me attitude after a football career with so much promise was cut short by a pair of torn ACLs. I was impressed with Jermelle's positive...
  7. HNMitchSmith

    NFL Hawks: Fiedorowicz & Klug having solid seasons

    With Iowa on a bye week, it felt like a good time to check in on a couple of NFL Hawkeyes. Texans TE CJ Fiedorowicz is having his best season in the NFL & Karl Klug has been a highly-effective pass rusher for the Titans (Pro Football Focus has called him "one of the best situational players in...
  8. HNMitchSmith

    Bob Sanders & Jay Hilgenberg nominated for Pro Football HOF

    "The Hitman" Bob Sanders gets the nomination for The Hall in his first year of eligibility! A well-deserved nomination for both of these Hawkeye greats. http://hawkeyenation.com/football/bob-sanders-jay-hilgenberg-nominated-pro-football-hall-fame
  9. HNMitchSmith

    Remembering "The Stand" 10 years later

    Hard to believe it has been a decade since this game. Plenty of former Hawkeyes who were a part of that series, including Mike Humpal, Mike Klinkenborg, Marcus Paschal, Matt Kroul and more share their memories in this oral history of "The Stand" What memories do you have of this game? Where...
  10. HNMitchSmith

    "Best in the Nest" Finals -- VOTE NOW!

    The "Best in the Nest" bracket started with 64 of the best Hawkeye basketball players of all-time. After more than 205,000 votes, the field has been whittled down to the final two: Ronnie Lester and Andre Woolridge. Statistically, they are very similar players. It's up to you to cast the final...
  11. HNMitchSmith

    The "Best in the Nest" Final Four is...

    Aaron White vs. Andre Woolridge Roy Marble vs. Ronnie Lester Final Four voting goes through this Wednesday, March 30. You can vote in each match-up once per day. Cast your vote here
  12. HNMitchSmith

    All-Time Iowa Hoops Bracket -- ELITE 8 VOTING

    The final eight Hawkeyes in the "Best in the Nest" bracket is a star-studded list: Seven 1,200+ point scorers Two retired numbers Four All-Americans Five first team All-Big Ten selections Two players with 500+ assists ROUND OF 8 MATCH-UPS: 2000s #1 Aaron White vs. #3 Jarrod Uthoff 1990s #2...
  13. HNMitchSmith

    All-Time Iowa Hoops Bracket -- VOTE IN ROUND OF 16

    HawkeyeNation's "Best in the Nest" bracket is down to the final 16. You can vote in each match-up once per day. Round of 16 voting goes through Wednesday, March 23. Vote Now! 2000s #1 Aaron White vs. #5 Reggie Evans #2 Greg Brunner vs. #3 Jarrod Uthoff 1990s #1 Acie Earl vs. #4 Chris Street...
  14. HNMitchSmith

    "Best in the Nest" bracket -- VOTE IN ROUND 2!

    More than 148,000 votes were cast in Round 1 of our "Best in the Nest" bracket to determine the greatest Iowa basketball player of all time. Round 2 voting is now open through Sunday, March 20. You can vote in each match-up once per day. VOTE HERE If you thought the Round 1 match-ups were...
  15. HNMitchSmith

    Vote in HawkeyeNation's "Best in the Nest" bracket

    The HawkeyeNation.com team has assembled 64 of the best Iowa basketball players of all-time into one NCAA Tournament-style bracket. Now it's up to you to decide who is "Best in the Nest." Check out the bracket and cast your votes! http://hawkeyenation.com/bracket
  16. HNMitchSmith

    Senior Day: Top moments for each Hawkeye senior

    Jarrod Uthoff, Mike Gesell, Adam Woodbury, Anthony Clemmons, and Okey Ukah will play their final home game Tuesday night. With that in mind, I compiled a list of my favorite moments for each of these players. You can find it here: http://hawkeyenation.com/2016/a-look-at What games or...
  17. HNMitchSmith

    Where do Uthoff & Gesell rank among best players in Iowa history?

    Jarrod Uthoff and Mike Gesell are nearing some pretty historic #'s achieved by only the greatest players in Iowa hoops history. You can see some of the statistical milestones they're nearing here: http://hawkeyenation.com/2016/uthoff-gesell-and-career-milestones Where do other Hawk fans view...
  18. HNMitchSmith

    Has there ever been a better time to be an Iowa fan?

    Iowa football finished the season #9 in the country, Hawkeye hoops are currently #9 in the AP poll, and Tom Brands' grapplers are #2 in the nation. Has there ever been a better time to be a fan of the Black & Gold? I tackled that in my new column...
  19. HNMitchSmith

    2016 Iowa football: Positives & Concerns

    In my latest article, I put together my four reasons to be hopeful, and four reasons to be concerned about Iowa football in 2016 (Story can be read here: http://hawkeyenation.com/2015/2016-football-the-good-the-challenges) I'm interested in hearing what other fans think. What is the biggest...
  20. HNMitchSmith

    Great Rose Bowl advice from former Iowa assistant coach

    I recently spoke with former Iowa assistant coach Don Patterson to get his memories of past Iowa Rose Bowls. Patterson served in a variety of coaching roles during Hayden Fry's 20 years as Iowa's head coach. Story can be read here...