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  1. andrewdowns

    Winter Sports Athletes Might Get an Extra Year

    This could mean big things for Hawkeye seniors in hoops as well as Spencer Lee's bid for four NCAA Championships. Would Garza and Bohannon come back for another year?
  2. HNMitchSmith

    "Best in the Nest" Finals -- VOTE NOW!

    The "Best in the Nest" bracket started with 64 of the best Hawkeye basketball players of all-time. After more than 205,000 votes, the field has been whittled down to the final two: Ronnie Lester and Andre Woolridge. Statistically, they are very similar players. It's up to you to cast the final...
  3. HNMitchSmith

    The "Best in the Nest" Final Four is...

    Aaron White vs. Andre Woolridge Roy Marble vs. Ronnie Lester Final Four voting goes through this Wednesday, March 30. You can vote in each match-up once per day. Cast your vote here
  4. HNMitchSmith

    All-Time Iowa Hoops Bracket -- ELITE 8 VOTING

    The final eight Hawkeyes in the "Best in the Nest" bracket is a star-studded list: Seven 1,200+ point scorers Two retired numbers Four All-Americans Five first team All-Big Ten selections Two players with 500+ assists ROUND OF 8 MATCH-UPS: 2000s #1 Aaron White vs. #3 Jarrod Uthoff 1990s #2...
  5. HNMitchSmith

    "Best in the Nest" bracket -- VOTE IN ROUND 2!

    More than 148,000 votes were cast in Round 1 of our "Best in the Nest" bracket to determine the greatest Iowa basketball player of all time. Round 2 voting is now open through Sunday, March 20. You can vote in each match-up once per day. VOTE HERE If you thought the Round 1 match-ups were...
  6. HNMitchSmith

    Vote in HawkeyeNation's "Best in the Nest" bracket

    The HawkeyeNation.com team has assembled 64 of the best Iowa basketball players of all-time into one NCAA Tournament-style bracket. Now it's up to you to decide who is "Best in the Nest." Check out the bracket and cast your votes! http://hawkeyenation.com/bracket
  7. HNMitchSmith

    Senior Day: Top moments for each Hawkeye senior

    Jarrod Uthoff, Mike Gesell, Adam Woodbury, Anthony Clemmons, and Okey Ukah will play their final home game Tuesday night. With that in mind, I compiled a list of my favorite moments for each of these players. You can find it here: http://hawkeyenation.com/2016/a-look-at What games or...
  8. JonDMiller

    Is a 20 Win Season Possible for Iowa Next Year???

    The University of Iowa released Iowa's non-conference schedule on Thursday...which is always a good excuse to make some way too early predictions. Let's get to it.. Fri., Nov. 11 Chicago State (WIN) Mon., Nov. 14 North Carolina A&T (WIN) Thurs., Nov. 17 Northern...
  9. JonDMiller

    Iowa, Big 10 Footbal Mashup

    We'll lead off with Marc Morehouse's item related to Adam Robinson's transfer, a Dan Heiar update as well as a comment from Kirk Ferentz related to the academic status of Rodney Coe. Morehouse says Coe needs to improve an SAT score in order to be eligible next year, and Ferentz said there's...