1. E

    Big Ten - Pac Ten Alliance conspiracy?

    Heard this conspiracy theory and wanted to know your thoughts: What if the Big 'Ten' and Pac 'Ten' form an alliance where they pull out of the BCS and the conference champs play in the rose Bowl every year. Let's assume the Pac 'ten' gets Tex, A&M, Tech, OK, OK St, and Colo. and the Big 'ten...
  2. bws258

    Big Teen Conference (4x4)

    If we are going to a 16-team Big Teen Conference, here's what I'd like to see (assuming Notre Dame says "no"): East Connecticut Maryland Penn State Rutgers North Michigan Michigan State Northwestern Purdue South Illinois Indiana Missouri Ohio State West Iowa Minnesota Nebraska Wisconsin Why...
  3. B

    If the big 10 goes big

    If I were in charge of the big ten and decided to go more then 12. I would go for 20 schools. I would have 4 divisions of 5. Each Division would round robin (4 games) which would leave plenty of games to maintain rivalries and have cross divisional games. The winners of each division would...