1. NCHawker

    Who's In / Who's out

    Iowa players who made the cut and didn't in the NFL https://www.landof10.com/iowa/iowa-rookies-2017-cj-beathard
  2. G

    New Football preview

    https://www.draftsite.com/article/2017-fierce-40-previews-40-iowa/634/ Full preview of the upcoming football season, including draft prospects. What do you think?
  3. S

    Get a load of this...

    Here's what Mel Kiper has to say now about George Kittle and the draft... Fullbacks 1. George Kittle, Iowa 2. Freddie Stevenson, Florida State 3. Taylor McNamara, USC 4. Sam Rogers, Virginia Tech 5. Tyler McCloskey, Houston 6. Marquez Williams, Miami (Fla.) 7. Shane Smith, San Jose State 8...
  4. PyroHawk

    Pro Day?

    Why is Iowa not signed up for a Pro Day this year?
  5. H


    According to his facebook, he posted 22 minutes ago: "I'm going back" Not sure if this has already been posted but it looks like we're getting McNutt back too!