big ten

  1. ColoradoHAWKEYE

    B1G better than Big 12, only 2nd to SEC

    NCAAF Commissioners to meet on format - ESPN Good article about the upcoming discussions on how the playoff formats will work (which bowls), who will help select, and how the money generated will be divided. B1G was #2 in a weighted format of the BCS ratings since they started in 1998. We...
  2. Hawkeye27

    Big ten and Ivy league team up

    The big ten and the ivy league are teaming up to address concussions. "According to Cornell University president Dr. David Skorton, who used to be the president at Iowa, combining efforts simply made sense. "We look forward to working with the Big Ten to continue to study the effects of...
  3. G

    Let the rivalry begin. Iowa Vs Nebraska

    I completely understand that November 25th is a long way out. But if you know a Husker fan, their mouth starts flapping about June so I am well in my right to start/continue a conversation about the Heroes Game coming this fall. It's no surprise that the national pundits have the Huskers taking...
  4. H

    Big Ten Division Names

    Created a petition for Jim Delaney, I will deliver it to him when we hit 1,000 signatures. Going for a change from "Legends and Leaders" to "Lakes and Plains" or "Black and Blue".
  5. Logo

    BIG TEN logo ideas

    I had an idea for the new BIG TEN logo. I played around with MS paint for 20 minutes and came up with some variations. I'm still thinking about the font, colors, and roman numeral bars. What does everyone think about it?
  6. I0WA

    Is this Iowa's year to go to the BCS National Championship?

    I got to thinking, wow Iowa has a lot of hype this preseason, but is this our year? I was thinking beyond the Rose Bowl, I was thinking National Championship. But then I thought to myself I almost was expecting to see Iowa in the National Championship game and was constantly thinking who they...
  7. bws258

    Big Teen Conference (4x4)

    If we are going to a 16-team Big Teen Conference, here's what I'd like to see (assuming Notre Dame says "no"): East Connecticut Maryland Penn State Rutgers North Michigan Michigan State Northwestern Purdue South Illinois Indiana Missouri Ohio State West Iowa Minnesota Nebraska Wisconsin Why...