1. Hawkeye27

    Shaun Prater Mandatory Minicamp

    The only time you really here anything about a corner is if they make an interception, or they get beat, or someone makes a play off of them. Prater made today's headlines by being on coverage when a bomb was thrown and caught. "Marvin Jones had the offense’s play of the day as he hauled...
  2. Hawkeye27

    Shaun Prater first OTA

    Shaun Prater had his first day of OTA's today with the Bengals. Well that is Prater made his first contributions on the field today. He has previously sat out OTA's with reports of soreness, due to knee tendonitis that he said flared up before the bowl game and he had to strengthern...
  3. Hawkeye27

    Prater Sits out Mini-Camp

    Shaun Prater sat out of all 3 days of Rookie mini camp due to soreness. He cited soreness as the reason he didn't compete. As a coach, this doesn't look too good. Either he under-prepared, or over-prepared. Either way, it kinda makes him look fragile. They haven't even got on pads and he is...