2nd string

  1. Hawkeye27

    Stanzi for Chiefs, Fans vote

    Not that it means much, but on the Arrowhead pride website, there was a poll of who will be the no. 2 Qb for The chiefs. Again, not that it means much, but it appears that the fans want to see Stanzi as the backup. The vote came out about 64% Stanzi to 36% Quinn during my last check-in. The...
  2. Hawkeye27

    Ricky Stanzi OTA update

    According to Adam Teicher of The Kansas City star, Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi continued to switch off with the second string offense. According to Teicher's report for today's OTA"The Chiefs continue to rotate between Brady Quinn and Stanzi as the second-team quarterback. Today was Quinn's...
  3. Hawkeye27

    Who is PAUL JACKIEWICZ? Ricky Stanzi article

    I was scouring the internet for Ricky Stanzi updates and came across an article written within 24 hours of todays date. This man, PAUL JACKIEWICZ, reported Stanzi led the second teams offense last week during camp. Then he said something that was pretty astoudning he said "While Stanzi didn’t...
  4. Hawkeye27

    Stanzi on fire 3rd day in a row.

    Apparently Stanzi has had another fire day with the Chiefs in OTA's. This would be the third day in a row where i have been seeing comments on how amazing Stanzi's throws were. There are a few quote from a Chiefs fan below. I am not sure if he is a beat writer, or if they had an open OTA to...