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  1. Motigerhawk

    Best Defense I have Ever Seen

    Im 54 and cannot remember a defense that comes close to this defense.
  2. Motigerhawk

    Simone Biles is NOT MEDICATED

    She was stressed so she quit. Welcome to the generation of excuses. I never thought I should quit in any competitive situation with whatever malady. How many concussions did you play with? Greatest athlete in her sport ever and she quits. WEAK
  3. Motigerhawk

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    Just got done watching it on HBOMax. If you love these types of monster movies, you will love this one. Even if you dont love them., this is fantastic. Great effects. I need to see it in the theater. 2 Titan thumbs up
  4. Motigerhawk


    Its official Go Hawks!
  5. Motigerhawk

    NCAA Tourney Thread

    Lets consolidate the Non Iowa games here. Lots of discussion to be had.
  6. Motigerhawk

    MSU Sparatans Presented by Rocket Mortgage

    Yes, the Spartans BB team signed a 5 year deal with Rocket Mortgage and this is what they will be called.
  7. Motigerhawk

    Tristan Wirfs Finally Wins Something

    What an amazing player he is
  8. Motigerhawk

    Way to Early Iowa 2021 Record Prediction Thread

    Rob put out his proposed depth charts for next year, using that information and the schedule ahead, what do you think our record will be. Here is the schedule for reference: 9-4-- Indiana 9-11-- at Iowa State 9-18-- Kent State 9-25-- Colorado State 10-2-- at Northwestern 10-9-- Penn State...
  9. Motigerhawk

    Trump Tonight 1-20-21

  10. Motigerhawk

    Yesterdays Meet

    What happened?
  11. Motigerhawk

    It's Open Season!

    Let the fun begin
  12. Motigerhawk

    Iowa-Georgia to Play Saturday? This may be happening
  13. Motigerhawk

    What is a Dukes Mayo Bowl?

    Just saw on Yahoo sports this is where Iowa was projected to land, playing Virginia. Where is this played? These bowl games are getting ridiculous.
  14. Motigerhawk

    B1G Games 11-21

    Illinois putting it on Nebby Indiana just tied tOSU Hate to say this, but go Wiscy
  15. Motigerhawk

    Ranked 5th in Preseason Poll

    This is awesome. And they are right where I thought they would be. Cannot wait fir the season
  16. Motigerhawk

    Question From Game Thread (By me)

    Does a 4-1 Wisconsin team go to the championship game over a 6-2 Iowa team that beat them?
  17. Motigerhawk

    8 Players Sue for $20 Million

    Not over yet.
  18. Motigerhawk


    How bad is the Big 12 that ISU is going to win it?
  19. Motigerhawk


    Is a fantastic game. Oklahoma just missed a FG to win in the 3rd OT. a 35 yarder. Texas came back from 21 down. Great game.
  20. Motigerhawk

    Deep Financial Trouble?

    This goes along with Iowa dropping 4 sports. What is going on at Iowa? Is this the end?