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  1. Robowe

    OT: Iowa High School baseball is back!

  2. Robowe

    Voluntary Workouts for BB can start today!

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    OT: Drake beats UNI at Arch Madness 3-6-2020

  4. Robowe

    #2 Penn State vs #1 Iowa

    So, this dual meet is off to a good start ... Spencer Lee (125) with a 16-1 victory.
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    Other B1G games ...

    12-7-2019 games: Ohio State stays undefeated 106-74 over Penn State at OSU. Wisconsin gives Indiana their 1st loss 84-64 in Madison Creighton beats Nebraska 95-76 Illinois led by 14 at halftime at #3 Maryland ... Cowan hits a long 3 to tie the game with 19 seconds, and then gets fouled after a...
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    Feast Week 2019 games

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    Basketball: Lok Wur gets Iowa offer

    Iowa offers 2019 former JUCO prospect. Story below Tweet about his recruitment.
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    Dailey transferring ...

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    OT: How to lose a ballgame

    So, the stuffed animal was a bulldog, and both teams have the mascot of the bulldog. So, was this brilliant by a Mississippi State fan or just a Georgia fan with bad timing?
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    NCAA Mens games 12-8-2018 - Big 10 + more

    With Iowa not playing until next Saturday vs UNI, here's the B1G teams playing on Saturday (so far and upcoming): Completed: Michigan 89 (home) - South Carolina 78 Michigan State (away) 63 - Florida 59 Northwestern (home) 75 - DePaul 68 (NW 25-0 run to go from down 15 to up 10) Playing now...
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    That's a pin and a win!

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    Minnesota beats Alabama who is down to 3 players at end of game

    So, with all of the football going on, here was a weird situation at the end of the Minnesota-Alabama basketball game you don't see very often. First tweet shows how they got there ... second one shows some of the 5 on 3 action.