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  1. Ree4

    Heartland Video Series on youtube

    Has anyone seen these? They are amazing, show a lot of sideline activity between the players and coaches that we dont get to see on TV. Here's the latest one: Episode 6
  2. Ree4

    Iowa vs Maryland on Friday October 1st

    I enjoyed last year's Friday game, got off work, went to the store and met friends and had plenty of time to settle in to watch the game. Definitely something different and I'm good with it (as long as it's away and 7pm or later). Looks like we'll be seeing more of these in the future? Anyone...
  3. Ree4

    OT - Mississippi State - Tulsa Brawl

    Hahah wtf are they doing?? I'd post a link but twitter is now blocked at work, google it!
  4. Ree4

    OT - Storm

    Didn't see a thread about this so I figured I'd start one. Anyone else affected by this? Starting the 4th day of no power at home, bank I work at was closed and just got power this morning. Farms across the state had entire crops wiped out. Gas supplies in town are minimal, no ice anywhere...
  5. Ree4

    Will We Have Football in the Fall?

    I'm hoping we have a full blown season, with sellouts and everything. I think all of us would be happen if that were to happen. What do all of you think? Please no politics or social issues!
  6. Ree4

    The Journey with Manager Jack Devlin

    I've always loved this show, and I don't think it can be understated that other than live games, this is one of the best things BTN has to offer. I'm not usually one to follow athletes or actor's personal lives, but it's always fun to see some behind the scenes things. I wish they would expand...
  7. Ree4

    Way too early top 25

    Saw this today and was starting to get pissed that they left Iowa out! Link
  8. Ree4

    Bowl Ranking Watchability Ratings?

    Was surprised how high they rated Iowa v USC, better than Michigan 'Bama? The rest of the list looks decent Link
  9. Ree4

    Admission Fraud

    No surprise that people are buying their way into colleges effectively denying others admission. A few coaches have been named in some obscure sports for , does anyone think the big sports are involved and we might see football or basketball affected by this? Link
  10. Ree4

    Dolphin Back

    Next year for FB and BB. We win!!
  11. Ree4

    Did you keep watching?

    I was sooo close to shutting the game off but I kept having this feeling that we were going to make a run, even when we were down by 15. We hadn't made a basket in what seemed like forever, Northwestern was red hot shooting the ball and they fouled us all game and we couldn't ever get in a...
  12. Ree4

    The Breakdown: Hawkeyes Show Toughness in Upset of Michigan

    Link Nice write up - this might need some clean up though "After losing in overtime to the Hawkeyes at last year’s Big Ten Tournament"
  13. Ree4

    Enemy Recon: Penn State

    Link Hah no respect from Penn State. What's really funny is Sagarin rates Iowa's strength of schedule as higher than Penn State's: Link While Penn State has played one team so far that is better than anyone Iowa has played, their overall opponent strength is lesser. Both teams are 0-1 against...
  14. Ree4

    Fire Brian Ferentz

    Brian is a terrible coordinator and the only reason he got the job was b/c of nepotism. The offense is terrible with him running the show and he has no idea how to get the passing game going or effectively use our All American tight ends. Discuss.
  15. Ree4

    Iowa City #1 College Town I knew there was a reason I still live in IC!
  16. Ree4

    OT: Process for editing posts?

    Can we revert to the old process for post editing instead of the split screen? Half the time it doesn't update the changes that I've made. I just spent about 15 min editing a post and the entire thing was lost after I tried to update it. It doesn't matter if I type the changes on the top part...
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    More with less

    Yeah boiii
  18. Ree4

    UNI Halftime Show

    Can't really say much yet as it isn't public knowledge but there is a really cool event scheduled during the halftime show of the UNI game. Should be announced in the next week or so. Anyone else hear this?
  19. Ree4

    Iowa- Preseason #25

    The most accurate rating measure in the land was released (ESPN's FPI) and it lists Iowa at #25. Nice to see some early season Cred! Link