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    Do Not Rush The Field

    I don’t care if we win on a pick six, last second FG, or blow PSU out of the water. Spread the rumor NOT to rush the field when the Hawks win. It’s one thing when the Hawks are unranked and upset a top 10 team but the Hawks are ranked #3 in the nation and higher than PSU. There will be a ton...
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    Cherish this time as a hawk fan

    - Top 15 in football - Top 5 in men’s BB - #1 in wrestling - Will probably be top 25 in woman’s bb after what they’re doing in the B10 tournament - B10 champions in men’s track What did I miss? Iowa’s is crazy good in so many areas right now and it’s a lot of fun to watch.
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    HN Podcast Appreciation Thread

    When Jon announced he was letting go of HN I was extremely disappointed mainly because the podcasts he did w/ Deace was something I’ve truly anticipated listening to every week for years. I must say you, Rob, have not only taken over but you’ve taken the podcasts to a whole new level. I guess...
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    Casey O’brien & Minnesota

    Tough not to be rooting for Minnesota & what they’re doing this year especially after watching the game day story this morning on Casey O’brien. Rooting for them in every game now besides the Wisconsin & of course the Iowa game.
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    Jon, question for deace.....

    I just finished listening to the lastest bigger ten podcast where deace multiple times states that, “by FAR Michigan played its worst football game in the history of the Michigan program against Wisconsin”. With that said, I recall deace saying the EXACT same thing in a podcast following...
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    Kirk H........seriously?

    Kirk used to be my favorite analyst but over the past few years his takes have gone downhill. He’s seriously said he thinks Nebraska wins today, then goes on a winning streak and comes to Iowa city w/ the opportunity to become bowl eligible. Does Kirk not realize that would mean the huskers...