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  1. Robowe

    Gavin Williams really accelerates straight ahead into the holes

    Sully and Hitchcock on Brooklyn 9 9.
  2. Robowe

    Welcome to the B1G Filip

    Rebraca struggled with Purdue's size tonight. However, Josh Ogundele was able to do some things.
  3. Robowe

    Omicron Covid

    I agree with most of what you said on the anti-vaccination front. I believe in vaccinations, but understand when someone doesn't feel comfortable getting them. My wife used to not get the flue vaccine, but her new physician suggested it was a good idea this year. She decided to get the flu...
  4. Robowe

    Omicron Covid

    How about stop signs? Do you stop at them? Or, can you decide when it is safe? Sorry, it's not a fair example, but it applies, right? And you mentioned earlier, there are no mandates regarding smoking? So, you may not be old enough to remember that people could smoke anywhere (inside any...
  5. Robowe

    Omicron Covid

    Do you wear a seat belt when you drive? The same logic applies ... I am old enough when some people thought seat belts were an invasion of freedom. :) Seat belts are also now mandatory (and part of what everyone does). Folks didn't like it when the government told them to buckle up back in...
  6. Robowe

    Deusce Hogan In Portal Kirk Ferentz said 16 of the 22 Iowa players randomly drug-tested this morning at 5:30 a.m. were on Iowa's two-deep depth chart. "That's an interesting random definition for me." 4:33 PM · Nov 9, 2021·TweetDeck
  7. Robowe

    Iowa Nebraska line

    Cha Ching!
  8. Robowe

    The it's too early who all is going to be back next yr thread

    Not that this improves Moss' odds, but he would be the 2nd cornerback in 19 years. Troy Apke (WFT) is currently in the NFL. :)
  9. Robowe

    So how motivated will Banjo boy and little red be now?

    Now, same question with Martinez not playing QB for Big Red.
  10. Robowe

    2021 College Football Survival Pool

    Michigan State Oklahoma State Wisconsin Ohio State Rutgers
  11. Robowe

    Fat Bert and the Boys vs Iowa: The Game Thread

    Left the back door open!
  12. Robowe

    2021 College Football Survival Pool

    My game pick: Wisconsin @ Minnesota
  13. Robowe

    Clowny Campbell...his goal was never to win the Big 12

    ISU 6-5 after another loss at Oklahoma today.
  14. Robowe

    Welcome back board

    Actually, Airplane was a parody of a 1957 movie (called Zero Hour) with many shot for shot scenes ... which makes it even funnier ... in my opinion.
  15. Robowe

    Weiskamp officially gone

    Garza is actually back up in Detroit Kelly Olynyck is hurt (possibly out 6 weeks) and Luka may get some playing time.
  16. Robowe

    Iowa Basketball Signs Josh Dix, Dasonte Bowen

    FYI ... Locure is now at Alabama-Birmingham (transferred from South Alabama). 5 points in 9 minutes in their opener vs UNC Asheville on Tuesday.