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  1. Casualfan

    KF Regrets Last Week's Comments About Deuce Hogan

    Kirk is so hard to read, I couldn't tell if he was joking or serious. Part of me thinks you don't start out "with all due respect" then act like it was a joke. I think he's been very smug and arrogant in the past few years, but maybe it's just me growing tired of him.
  2. Casualfan

    Anyone hearing Brian Ferentz to Oklahoma as OC rumors?

    Lol this is funny
  3. Casualfan

    Lincoln Riley to USC leaving Oklahoma

    Is this legit?
  4. Casualfan

    The official Iowa vs Nebraska game thread

    If the D doesn't score we lose
  5. Casualfan

    The official Iowa vs Nebraska game thread

    Hogan time.
  6. Casualfan

    Iowa Nebraska line

    Well at least we can use the Padilla is sick excuse..
  7. Casualfan

    Iowa Nebraska line

    I'm assuming you mean both our qbs?
  8. Casualfan

    Martinez is out on Friday

    This is good news
  9. Casualfan

    Yes, Iowa won, but…

    10-2 should get us in a January bowl game.
  10. Casualfan

    Heads rolling today....

    This is like staying with women (3) and not thinking you can get a 7. Obviously a 10 is out of the question ya rube.
  11. Casualfan

    Petras injury

  12. Casualfan

    O line?

    I don't think this just snuck up on them.
  13. Casualfan

    O line?

    Unfortunately we have a qb who can't run and a below average oline, doesn't look like a quick fix.
  14. Casualfan

    O line?

    I agree, I think its both.
  15. Casualfan

    O line?

    In my short time on earth, this maybe the worst Iowa oline I remember. Is it coaching, recruiting, or what?
  16. Casualfan

    Quick Question

    I would guess he's writing down how badly we miss Doyle.
  17. Casualfan

    In any other P5 program…

    How big of a raise will Brian get?
  18. Casualfan

    Padilla needs to start next game!

    The whole offense is a steaming pile of shit.
  19. Casualfan

    All of a sudden it looks a lot tougher for Iowa

    Wisconsin always seems to have our number and then factor in our underachieving oline and a statue for a qb. We wont win this game unless we muddy it up and get 3 or so turnovers
  20. Casualfan

    Trying to hide QB caught up to us

    We recruited bad qbs??