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  1. SmokeTownHawk

    2022 QB

    Yes, the old bagman network.
  2. SmokeTownHawk

    O Line woe's

    Having a culture where you run off the Kallenberger's certainly didn't help.
  3. SmokeTownHawk

    CFP Opinions

    No way should both 'bama and UGA be in. Especially with a committee, no conference should have 2 teams in a 4-team playoff.
  4. SmokeTownHawk

    How did the O Line get so bad?

    Even at that Iowa did ok it seems up to the redzone; certainly enough to keep it a game for awhile. It's Iowa's redzone offense that really stinks. One trick pass to the FB is no way to finish a drive.
  5. SmokeTownHawk

    How Does Ferentz not fire Ferentz?

    A change for Kirk would be to rehire Greg Davis.
  6. SmokeTownHawk

    Mandatory deconstruction of the loss

    Hard to get upset about the loss when the offense didn't show up in the red zone. I do find it amazing that Kirk, if he's not ok with the offense not finishing drives why doesn't he do something about it? Getting embarrassed on a national stage like this would force most coaches to make changes...
  7. SmokeTownHawk

    Preview, Prediction: B1G Championship Game

    Iowa 21 Michigan 18
  8. SmokeTownHawk

    Lincoln Riley's Contract

    And Urban.
  9. SmokeTownHawk

    Iowa's Starting QB in the C-ship game.....Does it Really Matter?

    That's just it. The odds are stacked against Iowa. Play like there's nothing to lose, just like "The Replacements."
  10. SmokeTownHawk

    Lincoln Riley to USC leaving Oklahoma

    I don't know if Levar is up to the task but I can't see another Ferentz in there without pissing off others on staff.
  11. SmokeTownHawk

    Lincoln Riley to USC leaving Oklahoma

    Brian leaves for a HC job and someone on staff gets promoted to OC.
  12. SmokeTownHawk

    Can we hang with michigan???

    Then why even play?
  13. SmokeTownHawk

    Iowa's Path to the Playoffs!!!!

    There's always a chance that I'll hookup with the next big Hollywood starlet but it's slim to none chance that this happens.
  14. SmokeTownHawk

    Alternate unis for Indy?

    I was thinking of Oregon or the Seahawks but ok.
  15. SmokeTownHawk

    Lincoln Riley to USC leaving Oklahoma

    And Texas will challenge Vanderbilt for the bottom.
  16. SmokeTownHawk

    Iowa #12 in Coaches Poll

    Plus no one wants to piss off the Red Elephant Club.
  17. SmokeTownHawk

    Could this be KF's last shot at a Big Ten title?

    That would align the stars perfectly for Kirk, that is unless he wants a shot in the playoffs. Plus with stability being paramount at Iowa, if he feels Brian can handle the job?
  18. SmokeTownHawk

    Could this be KF's last shot at a Big Ten title?

    But before Bell there was Moore.
  19. SmokeTownHawk

    Alternate unis for Indy?

    Has there been any talk about Iowa's choice of uniform for the championship? Are they sticking with the traditional look or the charcoal black, circa tO$U 2017, or something completely different?
  20. SmokeTownHawk

    Iowa win or B1G rep in CFP...which is better?

    Iowa win! Go Hawks!