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  1. guffus

    Big Ten West Race

    The Big Ten West race is still a little muddled now but is a little more clear after today's games. The current stsndings Wisc 6-2 IOWA 6-2 MINN 5-3 PURDUE 5-3 Wisc can clinch the division with a win over Minn or a loss by Purdue and a loss by Iowa. Wisc would win a 2-way tie at 7-2 berween...
  2. guffus

    IKM fumbles

    I am rooting for Ivory Kelly-Martin to have a great super senior season, but he just can't seem to hang onto the ball. Is it time to pull IKM from the regular rotation and let Gavin Williams become the new official #2 RB. Sounds like Gavin Williams is better at pounding the ball too. Even if...
  3. guffus

    Iowa-Kent State Stat

    Here is an interesting stat. Kent State leads the country with 8 interceptions in 2 games. Iowa is currently 2nd in the country with 6 interceptions in 2 games. I think the odds of there being a few picks in the Iowa-Kent State game are pretty good.
  4. guffus

    Big Ten Media Days

    Iowa players joining Ferentz are center Tyler Linderbaum, wide receiver Tyrone Tracy Jr., defensive end Zach VanValkenburg Linderbaum was a no brainer. I thought it was strange with Iowa's strength in the secondary that none of the DB were on the list. Also interesting that RB Goodson is...
  5. guffus

    Strange thought: Could NW-MSU play a rematch?

    If Minny cancels its game against NW and OSU cancels its game against MSU, then.... Could NW and MSU schedule a rematch 1 week after they just played?
  6. guffus

    10-game conference only 2020 schedule idea No inside info. Just speculation Schedule idea stolen from another thread for 10-game conference only schedule 2020 Iowa Football Schedule Idea 2020 Iowa...
  7. guffus

    Could Stanley be a short yardage specialist in NFL? This article seems to think so. Stanley's effenciency at running the QB sneak and converting short yardage plays like 4th and 1 could potentially be useful to certain teams...
  8. guffus

    Hey Iowa beat a conference champ this year

    Congratulations to Miami-Ohio, who won the MAC championship game today. Remember that pesky little true freshman QB that started his first game ever against Iowa. He threw the game winning TD today.
  9. guffus

    Alternatives to the Cy-Hawk Trophy

    Of course nothing can top this one
  10. guffus

    Updated USA Today preseason ratings, NW in, Iowa out Latest college football preseason Top 25 ratings. NW joins OSU, Mich, PSU, Neb, Wisc and Iowa St in the top 25. Iowa dropped out of the top 25. Guess they were...
  11. guffus

    Kirk's Last Year?

    Could 2019 be Kirk Ferentz last year as Iowa head coach? He turns 65 on Aug 1, 2020. He already has the all time record for football coaching victories at Iowa, passing Hayden Fry in 2018. QB Nate Stanley will finish his career in 2019. His son Brian will have 3 years experience as OC, enough...
  12. guffus

    Batted punt rule in NFL Iowa should think about hiring Dwayne Harris as its special teams coach when he retires as an NFL player. He is one smart dude. Here are a couple...
  13. guffus

    The change to the 4-2-5 defense Very good story about Iowa's change from its traditional 4-3 to the 4-2-5. Sounds like its...
  14. guffus

    Is there any proof icing a kicker works?

    Is then any statistical proof that kickers overall do worse after an opposing coach calls timeout to "ice" the kicker? If not, why are they wasting everybody's time? Just get it over with! Today it did not work for Ferentz in the first half and did not work for Frost in the 2nd half. All...
  15. guffus

    Is it possible that Iowa is just unlucky?

    Iowa has played 5 games in 2018 that were close late in the 4Q. ISU, Wisc, PSU, Purdue, & NW. Iowa ended up 1-4 in those 5 games, including losing the last 4. Historically over time, Iowa ususlly ends up winning about 48% of these close games. This has been proven through statistical...
  16. guffus

    Rethinking non-conference schedule

    NW and Purdue both scheduled 2 tough P5 in non-conference, got off to lousy starts and both also lost to MAC teams. It looked like their seasons were going to be disasters. But then they both ended up beating Iowa and now have better records in conference than Iowa. So is it better for...
  17. guffus

    It is still possible!

    It is still possible for Iowa to win the West! Iowa needs to win its last 3 games including beating NW. NW needs to lose one other game to either ILL or Minn Purdue needs to lose 2 more games against Minn, Wisc or Indy Wisc needs to lose 2 more games against PSU, Purdue or Minn. The key to...
  18. guffus

    Wiegers vs. Stanley I know what is done, is done and you can't change things. But still you got to wonder if the Iowa coaches should have extended the competition between Stanley and Wiegers into the 2017...
  19. guffus

    How Iowa could still win the West Division

    It's a long shot but If Iowa goes 7-1 the rest of the way, with the 1 loss probably @PSU, then maybe. . Wisc still needs to play @Mich, @NW and @PSU. If Wisconsin loses all 3 of those games, then Iowa wins the division at 7-2, 10-2 Oh, who am I kidding. It's over. Time to start looking at...
  20. guffus

    WOW! Tyler Wiegers

    Ex-Hawkeye Tyler Wiegers is off to great start for Eastern Michigan in his first 2 games. First week EMU had a blowout victory over Monmouth 51-17 Tyler's stats: 18-21, 238 YDS, 2 TD Then in week 2, EMU had a big upset win @ Purdue 20-19. Tyler's stats: 20-28, 312 yards, 1 TD, 1INT