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  1. Northside Hawk

    CJ Frederick

    Is there a correlation between Fran coached teams and a lot of lower body injuries. I know Cordell Pemsl's leg problems dated back to high school, but there seems to be an unusual amount of hip and hamstring procedures going on around here. Joe T quietly underwent a procedure as well over the...
  2. Northside Hawk

    R.I.P Hankies

    I used to have the art mastered of doing the farmers blow while running, then getting out of the way.... I did a double take when I saw the title of this thread. I thought Matt Hankins was only injured. Good thing it was typed accurately.
  3. Northside Hawk


    He hasn't been the same since Penn State anyway. Lots of big plays and penalties. Could have easily cost us the Minnesota game.
  4. Northside Hawk

    Sparky's On Hwy 20 Is Toast

    Bring back memories of Brietbach's in Balltown burning to the ground, getting rebuilt, then burning again less than six months later. It has since been rebuilt a second time without further incident. But I really loved the decor from the first rebuild. It was a rare collector's item if you...
  5. Northside Hawk

    Well This Isnt The Best Of News

    I haven't heard any updates since Saturday, which is probably good news. She suffered injuries similar to Gabrielle Giffords if you remember that incident. I did find out that her two children were indeed at their father's. Thank God.
  6. Northside Hawk

    CJ Frederick

    He had seven and five tonight in a forty point blowout but has put up some nice early numbers. He had a double double a few nights ago.
  7. Northside Hawk

    Settles must read this forum....

    Dating myself, but I'd settle for Sean Elliott. Or Greg Kelser. Orlando Woolridge?
  8. Northside Hawk

    Iowa Nebraska line

    Every time we go out there people predict doom and gloom for the Hawkeyes. Remember 2015? It will happen someday, but when the rubber meets meets the road a Ferentz coached team is usually more fundamentally sound, more physical, and mentally tougher than a Frost coached team. That has proven...
  9. Northside Hawk

    Iowa Nebraska line

    Dane Belton has quietly emerged as our second best defensive player. The kid will do anything you ask of him. Could he be a full time spy on Martinez this week?
  10. Northside Hawk

    Yes, Iowa won, but…

    If we can score 33 points, or the 27 we scored against Iowa State and Minnesota, or the 23 we scored against Penn State and it's enough to win, then I don't care how the fuck we scored them. Go back to that classic 2002 Purdue game and our offense struggled much of that game as well. But the...
  11. Northside Hawk

    Fat Bert and the Boys vs Iowa: The Game Thread

    And the Hawks cover.
  12. Northside Hawk

    Four day blackout

    Nunge. We have multiple players ready to step up and replace what CJ (and Wieskamp for that matter) would have provided for us. Those said players just need to get a full year under their belts of playing the league circuit. Nunge would have given us an experienced, versatile big. Unless...
  13. Northside Hawk

    Four day blackout

    Mark my words we are going to miss Jack Nunge. Maybe almost as much as Luka. Garza, while he improved his footspeed over the years, was still slow and could still bog down the offense and take space away from others to operate. Jack has been putting up some nice numbers in a small sample size...
  14. Northside Hawk

    Well This Isnt The Best Of News

    Yesterday a 37 year old woman in the abso,ute prime of her life was shot in Potosi Wisconsin and is currently in Madison, possibly fighting for her life. She was my neighbor in Dickeyville for ten years, has two teenage children, and has had a rough enough recent run of things as she just...
  15. Northside Hawk

    Preview, Prediction: COVID Cancels Bret Bielema Homecoming

    He could have had a lifetime scholarship toiling for the Barry. But he wasn't afraid to take his own shot, and that's always an admirable trait. He's still chasing, but now he could make it work at a place it hasn't for a long time. Iowa fans owe him a gratitude of debt for the talent he was...
  16. Northside Hawk

    CJ Frederick

    Nah, Cal offers minute$$$$$$
  17. Northside Hawk

    Jordan Bohannon Sets Record in Iowa Win

    Regardless of how clear cut the record is he will go down as one of the best clutch shooters in school history. And he arrived at a time when losing those types of games instead of winning them was usually the difference between the NCAA's and the NIT.
  18. Northside Hawk

    Jordan Bohannon Sets Record in Iowa Win

    Is he Mormon? Can he go on one of those missions and come back when he's 28? LOL
  19. Northside Hawk

    CJ Frederick

    Peyton and JBo were certainly on tonight. I forgot the damn game started at six and didn't even see it. All there games have started late this year. They're obviously better than they showed the previous two games at shooting the three and won't always be as hot as last night. Always liked...
  20. Northside Hawk

    I see there is a game tonight

    No PMac tonight, which may have somewhat explained Standfort's extended minutes.