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  1. ChosenChildren

    Say something positive`

    Iowa should get some kids healthier during this two week bye stretch.
  2. ChosenChildren

    Wisconsin @ Purdue next weekend

    Purdue has a brutal schedule. I'm rooting for Wisconsin to beat them in a close game.
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    BT QB Ranking by Insider

    For the hundredth time, it's not Petras. It's not the receivers. As the OL goes, so goes the offense. The OL must improve, and perhaps the blocking schemes need to get a little more conservative. Iowa's offensive line was clicking on all cylinders at the end of last year. Perhaps this year's...
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    This is the Best 7 Year Run in Iowa Football History in terms of winning percentage

    Iowa won the 2015 West (championship) and won 3 bowl games during this run (would have been 4 with a win over Missouri last year).
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    This is the Best 7 Year Run in Iowa Football History in terms of winning percentage

    Agree. Iowa needs to win the West this year. The Division is there for the taking
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    This is the Best 7 Year Run in Iowa Football History in terms of winning percentage

    From 2015 through 2021 to date, Iowa is 59 Wins and 22 Losses, for a winning percentage of .728. The only two comparable 7 year stretches are 1954 through 1960 (45-17-3 for .715 winning percentage); and 1981-1987 (62-23-1 for a .726 winning percentage). What is more remarkable about the...
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    Trying to hide QB caught up to us

    It is hard to throw downfield when your OL is young and inexperienced and cannot protect the QB. The down field passing game will improve as the OL improves.
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    Let Kirk retire, hire Ed Orgeron

    I stand corrected. I did not know about the off the field allegations against him. Wow.
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    Primary Season Goals Still in Reach

    It seems to me that Iowa football at the present time has two primary goals each season: (1) Win the West Division Title; and (2) Play in a good bowl game at the end of the season. Barring a complete collapse, Iowa has already qualified for a good bowl game. That goal is secured. Regarding the...
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    Let Kirk retire, hire Ed Orgeron

    Nice troll attempt, by the way. Well done
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    Let Kirk retire, hire Ed Orgeron

    Isn’t Iowa 6-1 with wins over 3 ranked teams? Ferentz would have won a national championship if he had coached LSU. Ed Orgeron reminds me of Bob Cummings. Nice guy but in way over his head.
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    Name That Play...Petras to Regaini

    Nico Stuns the Nits
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    Is Iowa's best football this season yet to come?

    I do not think the defense can play much better, but starting to see some signs on offense: 1. Offensive line is getting more experience. 2. Our wide receivers as a group seem more dangerous to me, including Bruce and Johnson 3. Petras continues to make clutch throws when he has time. 4. Lachey...
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    The Offense

    Iowa is averaging 31.5 points per game, which is in the top half of the Big Ten right now. Very efficient offense because of complimentary defense and special teams!
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    The Offense

    According to the Massey Ratings (highly respected), here are Iowa's Offensive and Defensive Rankings: Defense: #2 in the country Offense: #29 in the country. They define "Offense" as "Offensive Power to Score." I believe that that is another way of saying offensive efficiency, which of course...
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    Love the videos coming out!

    I think the Big Ten Network put this together. They have state of the art equipment
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    Any word on Moss?

    Roberts and Castro are future DB stars. We will be all right. We do want Moss back for the Badgers because of his tremendous experience. If we play hard and do not turn the ball over, we will defeat Purdue. They are not as good as Penn State, Iowa State or even Indiana, in my humble opinion.
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    Alternate Camera Angles Of All Penn State Injury Plays

    fabulous. And then Franklin in his presser basically says that "we only flop against high tempo teams so why would we do it against Iowa?" He's a creep
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    Franklin calls out Hawk fans

    I also want to respond to the narrative about the outcome being different if Clifford had not been injured. That is a ridiculous argument for Penn State fans to make, due to the nature of the offense Penn State plays. I would respectfully point out that Penn State's offensive plan against Iowa...
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    Franklin calls out Hawk fans

    Franklin is a very weird dude. He fits in perfectly at Penn State, which is a very weird place if you spend some time over there. I was at the game and it was ridiculously obvious to me that they were faking the injuries as part of a strategy to give their defense (and offense) rest against a...