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  1. ForeverHawk

    It’s official, MU out of Music City Bowl!
  2. ForeverHawk

    NW about to take down Sparty

    And so the Big 10 meat grinder begins.
  3. ForeverHawk

    Does Iowa Have A Winnable Game Left?

    In all seriousness, maybe Illinois? 2-3 wins max may be best case scenario. Not what I expected entering the season with a lot of optimism.
  4. ForeverHawk

    I hate to say it, but

    I think all conference tournament games and NCAA tournament are going to be cancelled altogether. This has turned into a major shizz show!
  5. ForeverHawk

    Vote Garza!

  6. ForeverHawk

    Sparty Goes Down!

    To Indiana....the conference race is tightening up!
  7. ForeverHawk

    Say what you want.......

    But I do not believe there are any rational fans on this site that wouldn’t have taken 23 wins and a second game in the NCAA tournament at the beginning of the year. Fire Fran!
  8. ForeverHawk

    Really, Really Poor Effort!

    This is not on the coaches, this has everything to do with player effort. No defense most of the time, no rebounding, couldn’t make layups. This was on them and they deserved the loss. I hope they put forth more effort next game???
  9. ForeverHawk

    Cuse vs Ohio State

    Syracuse on the verge of taking down Ohio State at OSU. Not good for the Big 10, but makes the tournament that Iowa won in NYC look even better.
  10. ForeverHawk

    Bobby Petrino just fired at Louisville.

    They have no problem with the $14.1 million buyout. Will they go after Jeff Brohm?
  11. ForeverHawk

    Time for KF to go!

    I’ve always liked him, he has been great for the program, but it just seems like he doesn’t care. It’s time to move on, the product is stale. There’s no shame in quitting and walking away after this season. Please for the sake of the program!
  12. ForeverHawk

    Sargent Iowa’s best back.

    I think the most complete back with limited time in the offense. Most north/south runner, hard to bring down, hits the hole the fastest. Also a good blocker. I wish he would get more touches. Kelly-Martin had a good game today, but I would still like to see more of Sargent.
  13. ForeverHawk

    This team will not be a .500 team

    Brutal stretch for football and now basketball coming off the OSU high. How will iowa be at wrasslin???
  14. ForeverHawk

    Uthoff just signed a multi-year deal

    As reported on twitter. No details provided on the contract at this point.
  15. ForeverHawk

    KF's stubbornness....

    to play Stanley will most likely cost Iowa this game.
  16. ForeverHawk

    USA Today article cover Ferentz contract extensively! He is here long, long, long term!
  17. ForeverHawk

    New Kirk is history!

    Back to the same old crap. GD needs to go as well!
  18. ForeverHawk

    New Kirk has become....

    a higher paid old Kirk. Plain Jane offense and defense, no sense of urgency, no passion!
  19. ForeverHawk

    Two good things from today's game

    1. Conference win 3. Road win Otherwise a snore fest. This team has a ton of work to do.
  20. ForeverHawk

    I don't ever want to hear the phrase Doyle-lized again!

    In the last three games that Iowa has played that have really mattered they have been man-handled, out played late, and were not conditioned like Michigan State, Stanford, and now NDSU. Yes to answer the question, Doyle is probably over paid! And KF was out coached by a championship caliber coach.