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  1. ChosenChildren

    This is the Best 7 Year Run in Iowa Football History in terms of winning percentage

    From 2015 through 2021 to date, Iowa is 59 Wins and 22 Losses, for a winning percentage of .728. The only two comparable 7 year stretches are 1954 through 1960 (45-17-3 for .715 winning percentage); and 1981-1987 (62-23-1 for a .726 winning percentage). What is more remarkable about the...
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    Primary Season Goals Still in Reach

    It seems to me that Iowa football at the present time has two primary goals each season: (1) Win the West Division Title; and (2) Play in a good bowl game at the end of the season. Barring a complete collapse, Iowa has already qualified for a good bowl game. That goal is secured. Regarding the...
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    Is Iowa's best football this season yet to come?

    I do not think the defense can play much better, but starting to see some signs on offense: 1. Offensive line is getting more experience. 2. Our wide receivers as a group seem more dangerous to me, including Bruce and Johnson 3. Petras continues to make clutch throws when he has time. 4. Lachey...
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    How Has Iowa Done in AP Top 10 Games Since 1936?

    The AP Poll started during the 1936 season. That is 86 years. In those 86 years, Iowa is 37-76-1 against AP Top 10 games at the time of the game, for a winning percentage of about 33%. Here are the wins and ties, based on the AP ranking of the team at the time of the game (bowl games are shown...
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    Please Play Jacobs #5 at DE

    This guy is an absolute stud. Big, quick, angry, smart. I really think he is the best defensive talent we have seen at Iowa in a long time. Why not a few plays at DE on the edge, where he can wreak havoc? He is so much quicker than anyone else on the field. Does this make sense?
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    Rick Brown is terrific

    Wonderful writer, in my humble opinion.
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    A Radical Idea Leading to a 32 team Playoff

    Currently, college football games are 60 minutes. For a team to reach the playoff final, they play 12 games, a conference championship game and then two playoff games. That is 15 games or 900 minutes of competition. Shorten the games to 45 minutes (3 11 minute quarters and a 12 minute 4th...
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    The Hawks wore Gold.

    They wanted to be Bold. Their D knocked Ohio out Cold. And then the Buck nuts were Rolled. Our fans are back in the Fold. And on this team I'm now Sold. But the final story is yet to be Told!
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    An Interesting Defensive Stat

    At the 17 min mark of the 2nd half Ohio st had 44 points. They finished with 57. That is 13 points in 17 minutes. And Ohio State is very athletic and high scoring. If Iowa keeps defending like this, watch out.
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    This Team Answered the Critics

    with the best win in the Fran era. Unreal. Joe T made a big difference.every player was fabulous. So proud of this team.
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    Big Win - Are We a 3 Seed in the Big Dance?

    Complete team with CJ in there. Can we get to a 3 seed? I think if we beat Ohio or Mich, we will be
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    Sports Reference Website: a Stunning Stat

    I’m a stats geek, so I enjoy the Sports Reference website. They rate all teams every year with their SRS rating system. They have rated all Iowa basketball teams since 1949. so far this year after 21 games, Iowa has an SRS rating of 22.66. That is the highest rating EVER for an Iowa team...
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    Drake v. Iowa Feb. 24 in Iowa City Needs to Happen

    Iowa plays Feb. 21 and then again on Feb. 28. Drake plays Feb. 22 and then again on Feb. 26. Instead of playing a horrible Nebraska team, why not play Drake in Iowa City on Feb. 24? It would be a great matchup of two teams rated highly in the NET rankings.
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    Joe T. Played 7 minutes. Connor played 27

    I do not understand. Enlighten me
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    Iowa can attain some Bowl Records

    1. With a win, Iowa would have a bowl championship in 4 consecutive seasons. That has never happened in Iowa football history. 2. Ferentz with a bowl win (his 10th) would tie Paterno for the most bowl wins by a Big 10 conference coach.
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    Why the Michigan game is important

    Assuming the game is played, a victory over Michigan virtually guarantees a New Year's Day bowl game for Iowa. For the first time, based on the victory over the Badgers, the bowl prognosticators are predicting Iowa for the Citrus Bowl or the Outback Bowl. A victory would seal it, I would think...
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    Gutsy Win by Iowa

    The win Friday against Nebraska was a terrific job by the players on the Iowa team. A lot of teams would have folded their tents after Nebraska went up 20-13. Instead, we drove it down their throats on a 14 play drive and changed the momentum. Our defense shut them out on the final 5 possessions...
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    3 Questions for Mr. Howe

    You more than anyone else in the country have driven this narrative. You have published every Twitter, interviewed countless people, and offered numerous opinions. Based on your detailed knowledge of this situation, I have 3 simple questions for you, which you really should answer: 1. If you...
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    The Futility of Iowa State Football

    I expect Iowa State to be good this year.....and I never assume an Iowa victory in that game each fall against the Cyclones (it is always a tough game). But I did discover something pretty amazing while hanging out on the College Football Reference website: In 85 years of the AP football poll...
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    Memories from My First Iowa Game: September 29, 1962

    We defeated Oregon State that day, 28-8. Here are some memories: 1. I was 7 years old and went with my Dad and his fraternity buddy. Just the three of us, which was cool. In those days, the first game of a nine game season often was the last Saturday in September. 2. My Dad pretty much told me...