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  1. dahlhawk

    Kris Murray Looking to Build on Freshman Season

    I was one of those naysayers, shame on me. These two men are making me optimistic about Iowa basketball. I'm seeing a very nice collection of athletic and experienced players in this years team.
  2. dahlhawk

    State of Iowa gets no preseason love from Dickie V’s top 40

    Iowa will be good, mark it down, unless we run JBo or Conner at the point. We just won't know how good. There is talent.
  3. dahlhawk

    Wisconsin @ Purdue next weekend

    Relax Purdue plays OSU on the road and MSU. Plus Nebby and Wisc. They win those and they deserve the West title.
  4. dahlhawk

    Refund policy

    I thought it was a beautiful day, a little too much sunshine where I was sitting and a nice full crowd. It just didn't feel right though even before the game. Call it Penn State hangover. They were ready, Iowa wasn't. Started early with the missed field goal and the T/O and you just...
  5. dahlhawk

    Rattler leaving Oklahoman: Shouldn't Iowa try to get him?

    Rattler would probable never consider Iowa but how would Iowa say no. Come on, competition brings out the best players. Why wouldn't Iowa want Rattler competing with Petras in the spring? I've never understood the sacred cow that is the Iowa quaterback. Every coach should want his QB's...
  6. dahlhawk

    Brian Ferentz Looking for Answers on Offense

    I just wonder if both teams should start a running back at QB and run it on every down? Not serious here, maybe, but that's what Wisky is doing. Give Goodson three strait carries or give Petras three strait passes. Iowa often or always runs after a throw on first down. Iowa always goes...
  7. dahlhawk

    BT QB Ranking by Insider

    Does this ranking just passing or includes rushing. Martinez should be very high given the dual threat he poses. Michigan State QB must also be very high on this list. Petras with a clean pocket is as good as anyone. Scrambling Petras falls off the map. Petras is a solid #1 or 2 with QB...
  8. dahlhawk

    This offense

    I'm most disappointed that we just can't seem to find a way to make defenses pay for stacking the box. When was the last screen that has worked, where are the quick outs to wide receivers, or big runs when our runner gets past the first wave. Iowa has young wide receivers with talent. We...
  9. dahlhawk

    I have to ask it....does Iowa win the West?

    Wisky still has the best schedule left, Minny not bad either. Iowa can control their destiny by winning both. Purdue would have to beat OSU, Whiskey, Nebby, MSU. It all starts with Whiskey. It's going to be fun seeing how the two divisions shake out. Not a forgone conclusion OSU is in the...
  10. dahlhawk

    Iowa #11 in coaches poll

    Top 15 is where I had Iowa. Top ten if the offense would show improvement....I'm still waiting. This was the game I was most scared of and everything happened as I feared. Iowa was flat, crowd was good but not great, Purdue was ready. It's the Big Ten, that shit happens. Like posters have...
  11. dahlhawk

    Looking ahead to Wisconsin

    That might be enough to win......
  12. dahlhawk

    House of Cards has collapsed.... and its a good thing

    Your a Hawk fan? Why is it a good thing? We could lose them all, not a good thing though. I believe this was a hangover game, two weeks from now we will be the fresh team with a better game plan. Take it game to game, a lot can happen in two weeks.
  13. dahlhawk

    Looking ahead to Wisconsin

    The key word is "winable". Don't know if that's a word. We get to see if our staff is as good as Purdue with two weeks to game plan.
  14. dahlhawk

    Brian Ferentz

    Ok we lay it on the feet of a non-mobile QB. Last time I checked the offensive coordinator gets to choose his QB and who they recruit. In the first half Petras got enough time to throw. He just couldn't pull the trigger. There was not continual pressure until the lead got to be over 10...
  15. dahlhawk

    Vent thread...Post your frustration here.

    Not frustrated by anything new. Iowa was exposed. Brian still sucks at his job. Charlie is still a stud. Now we got a week to heal and game plan for Whiskey, West conference game. We can stop their run and I don't think they can make the plays Purdue made today. I'm predicting an Iowa win...
  16. dahlhawk

    Vent thread...Post your frustration here.

    Look, when we had to play man after we had to bring up a rover to contain the QB they got burned for two touchdowns. That sucks but it's why they give a cushion.
  17. dahlhawk

    Fun while it lasted

    Think about that, Brohm has confidence in 3 QB's !!!! Iowa only thinks one is capable of playing. Even when the one is struggling like a rookie.
  18. dahlhawk

    Fun while it lasted

    Really it was the CSU game that set this up, mobile QB with big offensive line and a couple of good receivers then spread out Iowa and make them have to pull a defender to shadow the QB. They just didn't have the D and horses to keep the lead.
  19. dahlhawk

    Hey We all knew it was coming But

    Offensive offensive coordinator, Brian. He runs the offense like I make stew. I throw in whatever I feel like and hope it's good.
  20. dahlhawk

    Say something positive`

    Charlie Jones