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  1. Dadman

    Pass Completion Over Turned

    Not going to over analyze procedures. It was a pure effing BS call plain snd simple
  2. Dadman

    Checking out Maryland tomorrow against Illini; other Big games

    Yeah, I will watch, and (a) be rooting for Illinois to demoralize Maryland, or (b) wanting MD to win so we have potential for another quality win on our resume. Maybe (b) is the best scenario.................
  3. Dadman

    Make your case

    Maybe this bodes well. The last few series were frustrating. I almost wanted to go outside and kick my neighbors yippy little dog. I get running the clock down, but you gotta have a few first downs to do that, and our run game has looked pretty uninspired. I keep expecting Goodson and the OL to...
  4. Dadman

    Clone hate is brutal

    Will trade you for this bridge I "own" in Dubuque might actually be an "even" trade! :) Truth be told, I would give them to my mother-in-law and brother-in-law. They live for this game. One wears Hawk colors, the other Clone colors. If the game is on, its a weekend I...
  5. Dadman

    OFFICIAL 2021 CUBS BASEBALL THREAD Article mentions Cubs Cardinals for 2022 My father grew up on the northside, lifelong Cubbies fan. Of course, I had to rebel and be a Cardinals fan- SE Iowa was a 50-50 ratio back...
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    Seeing home runs hit into corn was special. Heard through a knowledgeable source that the earlier storms blew some stalks over, but they were ziptied back up. also heard next year Cubs are playing there.
  7. Dadman


    I know it ain't the Cubs, and perhaps its blasphemy to mention the White Sox in a Cubs thread, but just curious-anyone going to the Field of Dreams game tonight? I am going to the Field in my living room to watch.........can't afford a grand for a ticket
  8. Dadman

    CJF Signs with Kentucky

    And yes, I realize that the Nunge injury left him out of a lot more games than CJ's, but I can't help wondering what could have been had he not sustained the injury. I think Nunge's injury had a much more profound effect than CJ's absence.
  9. Dadman

    CJF Signs with Kentucky

    This^ I daresay losing Nunge hurt the team a lot worse than losing CJF. But how and why is all the difference. Well said.
  10. Dadman

    CJF Signs with Kentucky

    I do not disagree, and I believe our most recent 2nd round exit was due to the injury bug, and not just CJ. But at the end of the year, everyone is beat up and bruised, and if the player is cleared and wants to be out there, you play them if it can help the team. Not so sure that scenario really...
  11. Dadman

    The Veteran Starting Line-up?

    My opinion- seems like JT can be a bit fast coming down the court- have seen a lot of TO's by losing control. If he would take a bit of time to think through the opportunity, then blow past the defenders when finishing, could be more effective perhaps? Hell, he may need to slow down a bit just...
  12. Dadman

    The Veteran Starting Line-up?

    Ya know, the "chaotic, disorganized future for college basketball" is kinda like what the one and done blue bloods (see: Kentucky) face year in and year out. Of course, the difference is because the springboard at Ky is straight to the pros, where ours is just a tad different. Either way...
  13. Dadman

    Keegan Murray--NBA Mock

    Gabes! Damn, if that doesn't bring back a few blurry memories!
  14. Dadman

    Keegan Murray--NBA Mock

    forget food- just bring beer well maybe some chips and salsa would be alright
  15. Dadman

    Keegan Murray--NBA Mock

    in retrospect, you didn't miss much- from they guy end, buying expensive flowers for your date, expensive dinner (keep in mind minimum wage jobs at that time for me was about a buck sixty an hour), trying to dance in a stiff suit, listening to some low end band that likely practiced in a friends...
  16. Dadman

    Iowa Basketball lands Filip Rebraca Commitment

    Nice! This will really help.
  17. Dadman

    Expectations for Next Season (best and worst)

    I have a feeling it is not going to be all gloom and doom. Sure, there will be times when I throw a few expletives at the TV, and I bet we see a few more air balls or throwing passes into the stands. But the potential is there to at least finish somewhere in the middle, and maybe good enough for...
  18. Dadman

    Next year as of now

    Should print that "bracket" just to realize how bad it is when next years tourney field is announced.
  19. Dadman

    EJ ONU Shawnee State

    If his numbers could be similar, might be a pretty good get for Fran, I like the block shots- with Ke Murray and Patrick, it would be tough for other teams to score in the paint. The FT percentage isn't bad for a big man either, and 40% from 3-pt: Name GP GS MIN AVG FG FGA PCT FG FGA PCT FT...
  20. Dadman

    Caption This Pic!

    "Can't anyone shoot the damn 3 on this team?"