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    my favorite Iowa team in the last 20 years. Just can’t say enough good things about this team. Even Fran. I’m wondering how Jordan cracks the starting lineup next year. JT is coming along nicely and gives us something Jordan never will be able to on the defensive end. Even in zone. No one is...
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    Incarnate Word?!?

    Would you even want to go to a bowl game if your win over Incarnate Word was the game that made you bowl eligible?
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    Any News On IKM?

    Maybe I missed it, but haven't heard anything in the last few days.
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    What Type Of Fan Are You?
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    Is there a reason we didn't offer this kid? 6'4" instate kid that can fly.
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    Davis Gone!!!

    That is all.
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    Faith Mistaken For Armed Robber While Playing Pokemon Go

    Story on ABC this morning. Sounds like he handled it well.
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    Player Spears Ref
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    Kirk Writing For Hawkeyenation?

    Good lord what a ridiculous piece. Phrases like "we haven't been fair to Ferentz" are so far beyond ridiculous it's hard to comprehend.
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    CJ Told To Take Fewer Chances
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    Price Per Win
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    Iowa football will be very different than usual in 2015 (just kidding)
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    Thibs Fired

    Clowns going nuclear in 3.....2......1.....
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    Barta Believes Ferentz's Longevity Will Speak For Itself In Recruiting
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    Rudock Fires A Few Shots
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    RB Expresses Concern Over Iowa Running Schemes and Usage

    Sad that it has come to this. A talented back basically calling out our inept running game. What was once a huge strength is now a train wreck.
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    "Just because we only made two or three shots, it doesn't really mean much to me."

    This from your 3rd year starting point guard. Guards go 3-21 and Mike Gesell doesn't think it's a problem. This team will be so much better when he is not running the point. No offensive game, mediocre defender, mediocre distributor, extremely poor leader.
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    Be Nice...

    ....if Fran could recruit a guard worthy of a scholarship in B1G. Absolutely embarrassing the Pedo State's guards are that much better. At this point Gesell is every bit as big of a bust as Woodbury.
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    does Fran refuse to use his timeouts to try to end other team's runs and our scoring droughts?? Jfc.....7 consecutive turnovers and 12-0 run and nothing. If Wisconsin goes on a scoring drought for a few mins or goes down more than a couple baskets Bo immediately calls a timeout. Also starting...
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    Great Piece on Fry