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    Football recruiting

    If only there were a place... For online recruiting news and commitments...
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    O line. Wth

    Exactly my point and agree. Penn State won the trenches with just the front 4 first. Even when they did bring extra, they didn't need to stack the box to get pressure and had plenty of men to play aggressive in coverage behind.
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    O line. Wth

    It was not a math issue tonight, the OL lost an alarming number of individual battles. Way too many times, especially the interior was physically manhandled or defenders mistakenly given free run to the backfield. Still appears to be quite a bit of confusion with the RBs pass blocking as well...
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    Kicked off the team

    He was totally trying to lateral the ball.
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    It does not take full structural changes to do this right. It takes the lower-court seating actually being designed by someone not drawing in crayon. Iowa also doesn’t do anything remotely decent in terms of creating “tiered” seating within the arena. It’s doable within the setup, yes, even with...
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    Nate Stanley Definitely Back in '19

    SEC has some serious hornets nests for baseball stadiums.
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    Nate Stanley Definitely Back in '19

    I played college baseball. I get get the athlete side. And the pressure side. I never used the word perfect once. The point goes beyond “not everyone thinks that way” before launching into performance under pressure and perfection. If you want to be the best, better, marginally improved or just...
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    Nate Stanley Definitely Back in '19

    It’s unfortunate if true. Seeking out and welcoming objective evaluation by experts provides greater context or validation of your performance and opportunities. This is the time when it happens from these experts in this field, regardless of your current state. If I want to be better, I sure...
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    Fant made the right move but

    But your youth kids aren’t leaving your team for millions of dollars. Can’t preach opportunity and bust on him for putting himself in the best position to make the most money within a limited NFL window. Maybe your youth team is different, but many preach team and will cut the bottom 2-4 kids if...
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    *****OFFICIAL Iowa State struggling with Drake Game THREAD*******

    Sure didn’t miss the Maryland game. If that’s what you’re making your 6-game analysis on, then you can roll with that. Again, watched every game of both, and each team play multiple times live. Iowa would be lucky to get 3 of 10.
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    *****OFFICIAL Iowa State struggling with Drake Game THREAD*******

    You don’t have to be scared of them. But Watching the entirety of every Texas and Iowa game this year, that’s the reality, unfortunately. And I can’t stand watching Texas win, especially the way they do.
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    *****OFFICIAL Iowa State struggling with Drake Game THREAD*******

    Speaking just to this year, Kyler Murray would single-handedly make Iowa’s defense look silly. I don’t see Iowa beating Texas this year, either. Probably at least one of the “no way Iowa should lose to these guys” losses in there as well.
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    NO R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Iowa’s “signature win” of 2018 the Iowa State Cyclones?
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    STORY: Working Through Hawkeye Bowl Game Scenarios

    If 3 B1G teams go CFP/NY6, the Citrus Bowl is way more interested in Iowa than 8-5 Northwestern if they can get it...
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    Bowl projections

    There is still a chance Penn State is in play with a NY6 bowl. Which, if OSU gets the CFP bid, really makes B1G bowl slotting... “interesting”
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    Brian Ferentz - How do you like me now?

    Maybe it looked different on TV, but being at the game it looked like there were enough lanes to run through. He was also breaking tackles even when there wasn’t much there. It really looked like Penn State figured out Stanley wasn’t going to beat them and started loading up on the run.
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    Those who cut the cable..

    In Texas and get BTN on YouTubeTV. Only thing is you cant get YTTV on Amazon because of a spat with Google right now. I run it on Chromecast but it woks well on Roku.
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    Epenesa Media Backlash. Oh the humanity...

    Lots of potential for this thread. Let’s not move it to greatness yet, though. Certainly not better than older, more established threads before it. Yet...
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    Totally put their fourth conference win of the season in jeopardy.
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    Iron Men's Jersey / Carbonaro Effect

    Not very replica if you can’t even get the number scheme correct. Would asssume different team.