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    What is the skinny on the QB position after spring ball?

    Did Petras solidify his starting spot? Was he showing improvement with some touch and accuracy? It seems he likes to execute the down the sideline throws and short passes to the running backs and sidelines more than the over the middle passes. So is he throwing more types of passes better...
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    Was there negativity around CJ in the last part of the season or the last few games?

    I seem to have read someone on this site mention something may have been said between CJ and the coaching staff. I cant remember what thread so not sure if I am imaging I saw this. Did something negative with or around the Iowa program start CJ towards the transfer portal?
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    Hawk women played very well; most all coming back

    Rebounding and UConn's height and ability to get lot's of offensive rebounds was the difference. But otherwise, the ladyhawks moved the ball well, shot it pretty well (missed some bunnies and got fouled a bunch shooting it in close), and made a lot of defensive stops. Clark a little off in the...
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    The Women's refs suck too

    Very sketchy officiating with players making drives just getting bodied and hammered. Then a little touch foul called 20 feet from the basket with no affect on the play. That's all, I thought this game would be called better.
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    Nunge and meniscus knee therapy

    I ripped up the interior meniscus and cartilage in my left knee about 14 years ago but I was 55 years old. I went some months before surgery to fix it and the surgeon told my wife the tissue was all balled up and he hadnt seen a clump like that before. I have researched a variety of therapies...
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    I just decided our 2015 undefeated regular season team is a co-champion

    Just like back in 2002 when we tied at 8-0 with the buckeyes. I will make up my own rules on the 2015 team. The Championship games are conjured up, hocus pocus by the big money dudes. Undefeated regular season teams win a championship in football. So KF has 3 big ten titles, those 2015...
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    Playing defense without watching/knowing where the ball is. Hard to do

    There were many times in live action or on replays where hawks off the ball were not even trying to look at where the ball is/was. One good example was a 2nd half blow by from the top of the arc by an Ore player who drove uncontested to a dunk. He drove it about 20 feet or more. On replay...
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    Damn Rutgers, had them by the balls

    Couldnt finish, had a big upset, feel sorry for them as they try to climb out of the bad hole they were in a few years ago. Too bad but I have noticed a lot of teams jumping out at Big 10 teams in hard double teams. Big 10 teams are not ready, period. the hawks better be
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    Is the Big 10 really good? Overrated?

    Let's wait for the Illini game to end and maybe put an answer to this question. As someone said yes Loyola is better than an 8 seed with that record. Drake was really good for a 12 seed play in game. There are a lot of really good teams and players. And it looks like the mid-majors are...
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    OSU baby!! OT

    Just turned it on with 4 minutes to go. ORoberts was missing some shots but OSU turned it over twice in a row inside of 2 minutes. Oral Rob hits 83+ % from the line and they made 4 fo4 late FTs while OSU missed front end of a 1&1 ahead two with less than a minute to go.
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    Any info on spring practice, a spring game sort of, fan attendance??

    I haven't seen or heard anything. Is practice at the normal early April to about April 20th? Is there a spring game, a kid's day, can fans attend some practices or a spring game?
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    Thoughts on the game tomorrow

    Can Iowa's improved defense shut down the Illini who slashed through the hawks somewhat more than usual in the earlier game? Do the hawks now have their shooting eyes locked in now? they shot better in the second half. Some bad turnovers in the 1st half and none in the second half so maybe...
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    Can JBo stay hot and the team catch his mojo

    The first few minutes last nite were a clank fest for both sides. But wow when JBo gets going he is fun to watch and almost a Steph Curry type of must watch at the college level when he gets going. A Pat M getting hot off the bench would be great but he threw up some crazy rainbows around the...
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    Hawks looked total opposite of last Mich game

    Wow, what a difference. The whole game last nite the hawks were running down so many lose balls and rebounds. They looked so sluggish against Mich. I thought JBo pushed the ball real well to get us into the offense early before OSU set up and this led to shooters being open. They ran some...
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    We are not athletic enough. period end of story.

    The hawks are a very good team but not quick enough, fast enough, maybe tough enough to win against the best competition. When we play teams with quick, tough defending guards our arc shooters struggle to even get good looks and get their shots off. Then those same quick athletic guards just...
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    OT: Tiger seriously injured in car accident, leg injuries reported

    This is too bad no matter what you think of him. The pictures of his wrecked SUV in a ravine look bad. I hope he has a complete recovery. He is one of the top golfers of all time, an ambassador, intelligent and well spoken. He has had some bad personal issues. I didn't like some of the...
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    Hawks arc defense was poor last nite, need to pay attention

    PSU had almost zero inside, in the lane game last nite yet I saw the hawk arc defenders hedge toward the lane, take a step toward the lane so many times and lose track of the 3 pt shooters so many times, sooooo many times, and swish. Lucky psu was a little cold the last 10 minutes but they were...
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    If Drake was in the Big Ten, your thoughts

    Some Drake threads on here. I have hardly watched them, I live in Des Moines, it is great what they are doing and pulling out last second wins etc. I see their highlights on the local sports and it looks like they have several very solid players. I dont follow their conference so not sure...
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    IU coach made a really good defensive adjustment in 2nd half

    I noticed he had #1 and another guy totally shadowing JoeW and these guys looked to be denying him the ball without worrying about anything else going on the court. I noticed these guys were in Joe's shirt, not fouling, but not really worrying about where the ball was but rather to deny Joe...
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    Would you have inbounded to halfcourt for a catch and quick timeout???

    Then have a much better inbounds opportunity from about halfcourt running some screens to open up a shooter. I think there was 1.6 seconds or more which should have give the hawks time to send to guys to the halfcourt line to get that inbounds pass and call a timeout. How much time goes off in...