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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Playoffs about to kick off (well, have already kicked off I guess depending on your opinion of the validity of the play in tournament). Fry - feel free to move this to another board, I am just posting here because I feel like the Football/Basketball boards get the most eyeballs. Who's...
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    ISU coach loses his mind - a breakdown

    Posting here because the rivals forum is pretty dead! This guy is my new favorite YouTuber, I have been watching an embarrassing number of his videos per day and just happened to come across this semi-topical one that had me rolling: The style may not be for...
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    In search of Franuary

    Apologies if something similar has already done because, frankly, someone else could probably do it better. But, I was curious, so I did some digging. First, I want to say I think Fran is a good coach. Maybe not a *great* coach but, as I have shown before, he outperforms Iowa's historical...
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    Iowa on the front page of FiveThirtyEight

    Spoiler: it's not great news.
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    Garza, Iowa O analysis

    Well worth the time to watch, this guy makes great videos:
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    Thoughts on W @ Rutgers

    Really gritty effort today - great to get a road W even though our "run them out of the gym" style wasn't clicking. My thoughts follow, looking forward to hearing some other takes! - Off game for Wieskamp, for sure. I think he's been excellent this season, showing nice consistency and staying...
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    NW game - Garza post looks

    Great team win tonight, no complaints from me but, by his lofty standards, a slow night for Garza. What was interesting to me though is I felt there were quite a few possessions where, to my eyes, Garza seemed to have good position down low but didn't get a touch. Now, some of that could have...
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    "Bottom Feeder" Goophs beat MSU by 25

    That loss still stings, but maybe we can stop calling them Big Ten "bottom feeders" for the time being.
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    Purdue observations

    - Really great team defensive effort. As has been said many times about this team, we're never gonna be a lockdown defensive team...but, if we can show defensive effort/execution anywhere near like we did tonight, a lot of things are going to go our way this season. - Joe Wieskamp moved really...
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    Player of the game?

    Who ya got? I gotta give it to Wieskamp, myself. This was one of his best games as a Hawk. 19 pts, 9 rebs, 5 assists, got after it on the defensive end, drove it, shot it. He's the total package when he is on and he was on tonight. Total team effort tonight though, a bunch of guys played...
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    In case anyone forgot...

    Eichorst sends strong message at Nebraska
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    DSM history buffs - Des Moines Speedway?

    I'm wondering if there are any history buffs with knowledge of historical DSM lurking here (or maybe you know someone fitting this description). I'm trying to understand where this facility was sites: There is a...