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  1. kicker22

    Things seem to be getting interesting in Green Bay

    Great way to start draft weekend with the biggest headline not being draft related. I despise Rodgers and Green Bay so I can't seem to come to a conclusion. Was Green Bay not supposed to draft a QB early last year? Regardless of MVP season or not I'm not sure how bypass Love if they truly...
  2. kicker22

    And it looks like Michigan calls off another one.

    Well that was expected. reported earlier, COVID-19,missed game in a row. Amazing how quickly things change at Michigan when one minute Jimmy's talking about a great practice and the next minute...
  3. kicker22

    Kids Day at Kinnick

    My little guys are finally old enough and wife and I figured it'd be a great way to spend a Saturday in anticipation of the upcoming season. Never been before. Any of you fine specimens have any insight or suggestions?
  4. kicker22

    On the bright side...

    After last night's stellar 1-8 from the stripe, the free throw percentage should improve drastically. If not it can't get much worse. Not often do I think I could I can outperform D1 athletes, but this time I'm pretty sure most of us on here could manage to go 1-8 from the stripe. WTF.
  5. kicker22

    Time to move on

    I’ve tried to remain loyal and upbeat, but I’m through. I stood behind Kirk season after season, extension after extension. I even tried to remain positive watching him shoot Brian up the coaching ladder and into an OC position that he wasn’t qualified for. But the joke was on ya and bows it...
  6. kicker22

    Anyone watch the Pats game yesterday and immediately think of Iowa

    Down 2 scores New England seriously looked like they'd dialed it back and simply cared about nothing more then the clock reaching zero. It was the first time I'd ever seen a 2 possession game and thought to myself this coaching staff truly doesn't care about football and have totally given in...
  7. kicker22

    So Saban calls out Barnett

    So Saban calls out Barnett for quitting and leaving Bama, but had no problem winning a NC with a QB that quit and left FSU. Doesn't seem hypocritical at all to me.
  8. kicker22

    Finally we actually have games to talk about...

    and that may not be a good thing if your a certain kicker for Appalachian State. Could also be a great thing if you're one of the Gopher fenders that wasn't thrown out of last nights game. Either way Saturday can't get here quick enough.
  9. kicker22

    Cylcones take PAT's seriously

    Not sure if anyone saw this but it makes me laugh every time I see it. That there is passion!! Edit: My apologies on only being able to provide the link. I'm computer challenged.
  10. kicker22

    Lane Kiffin ... this could be good

    Do we know if Saban's daughter is married and a booster? Not surprising for something coming out of the SEC. Might help recruiting somehow.
  11. kicker22

    Does this season seem scripted

    I honestly think this season has a Hollywood feel to it. I'm not sure what to think at this point, but feel that its got a Varsity Blues feel to it (with the exception of playing for a trip to the playoffs). With so much drama it seems like all were waiting for is a report to come back stating...
  12. kicker22

    Reflections on last night

    Going into last nights game and losing 6 of the last 7 my optimism wasn't at an all time high. However I truly thought we came to play last night and wasn't disappointed with theiir performance. I saw Woody take his game to a whole different level offensively. I saw Jok break through...
  13. kicker22

    Million dollar question

    If JVB's helmet comes off does Rudock get to see the field or is a TO burned to keep him on the field?
  14. kicker22

    Legitimate SEC question

    As many of you know I believe that the SEC is a good conference but not the almighty that many believe them to be. So my question is this. If Texas A&M and Missouri were to come in to the "almighty SEC" and either win or come considerably close to making a claim to the SEC championship, would...
  15. kicker22

    Joakim Noah- Thoughts?

    When he first came to the Bulls out of Florida, I couldn't stand the guy and hated everything about him. Now, nothing about the way he plays has changed, and he's slowly becoming one of my favorite Chicago players (aside from Rose). There's nothing pretty about any part of his game (or...
  16. kicker22

    Honest Clock Management Question

    Can anyone explain to me how we end up with one time out left at the end of that close of a game? I've never questioned the logic of the coaching staff this season, but am absolutely baffled by management and use of time outs at the end of the game. After the fumble we burn the first on a...