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  1. trj

    Wooden Award

    Anyone of these guys challenge Luka? Charles Bassey Western Kentucky Jared Butler Baylor Kofi Cockburn Illinois Cade Cunningham Okie St. Hunter Dickinson Michigan Ayo Dosunmu Illinois Colin Gillespie...
  2. trj

    Jeff Brohm

    May not be on the sidelines this Saturday. If further tests confirm he has the rona does he have to stay away for 21 days?
  3. trj

    Rick Kaczenski

    Does anyone think he is quietly laughing his ass off at this point?
  4. trj

    I should never start a game thread

    where is everybody?
  5. trj

    Lebron's kid

    Maybe FM should offer him a schollie already.:) I see why they offer kids in the 8th grade. Holy smokes, kids come out the womb crossing people over these days. It is not a race thing, I was watching a pick up game the other day and this white kid was just crossing people over and taking...
  6. trj


    It's probably information you already knew. It airs Sunday at 9 if you are interested.
  7. trj

    More bowl games

    Well we are up to 42......84 of 128 D-1 teams will qualify for a bowl. If you are a HC in a power 5 conference and you can't get your team to a bowl game 2 out of every 3 years you should be fired.
  8. trj

    Will Kirk "let it happen"

    and BF becomes OC..... I realize this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I will throw it out there again.
  9. trj

    Bob Costas the rapper

    Usually a white baby boomer quoting rap lyrics makes me cringe, Bob handled it pretty well however. Not fall down lol funny, but i got a chuckle out of it.
  10. trj

    Steelers are a mess

    Tomlin has done a sh!tty job of coaching this year. He has no clue when to go for 2 and when not to. He knows his kicker doesn't have a strong leg and yet he still rolls him out there for 50+ yard FG(s). He has accomplished so much, so fast and the media loves him that he is like above...
  11. trj

    Dear Dana White

    can we get a Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones fight. That is all.
  12. trj

    Good Story about Bo Jackson

    I will admit my bias I always thought Chuck Long deserved the Heisman, that stated Bo Jackson was flat out stud. Seems like he has always had his life in order and priorities straight. Bo knows what? Bo Jackson’s surprising post-NFL/MLB career - Shutdown Corner - NFLBlog - Yahoo! Sports
  13. trj

    Tiger Woods broke?

    I hope those skanks were worth it. tiger-woods-running-out-of-money-fortune: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
  14. trj

    George Whitfield, Jr.

    Now that Pryor will likely go pro he will probably hire some QB coach guru like Whitfield or Brady's guy to work with him on his mechanics. Really no point to this I just did not realize dude had Iowa ties. Right now he seems to be the go to guy as far a QB(s) making the transition into the...
  15. trj

    Shortened Seasons

    I hope the NFL stays with the 16 game schedule. Just think how much better the NBA/NHL product would be with a 60 game regular season. It will never happen because of money, but I have been a long time advocate of shortening seasons and contraction in professional sports. Here is a lengthy...