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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    I would love to be proven wrong, but I suspect Luka will be eaten alive on the defensive end. Not just "not a great defender", more like "automatic 2 pts for the other guys". I think he might be able to score a little on the offensive end, but he would need to be an incredibly prolific scorer...
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Second round has been lively! Nuggets folded like a cheap tent, but every other series going to at least 6. Hawks shaping up to be the big story for the 2021 Playoffs whether they advance or not. It's an amazing league, just so much talent out there but still only being spread across the same...
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    Brody and baseball

    Kid is in the cat bird's seat as I see it. P5 college football scholly or minor league baseball. Just a tad more attractive than my options were at 18 (which was more like "Taco Bell or Taco John's for lunch today"). He should, if you pardon the corny expression, follow his heart and...
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Ha, that's great! I spent the weekend at the race track so, other than watching the Nuggets get trounced again, I hadn't seen the latest and so was not aware the Bucks had evened the series. That's great, I hope they pull it off! Honestly, other than my poor Nuggets laying an egg against the...
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    Playoff Expansion

    If you are an Iowa fan, I think you need to root for it hard. We have a snowballs chance in hell of making a 4 team playoff. A 12 team though? Yeah, I think we're in that field at a tantalizingly high frequency. The bowl system as we knew/loved/hated it I think is already dead in terms of...
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    Iowa Athletics Allowing Alcohol Sales at Kinnick, Carver

    Must have a budget shortfall. Probably 80-90% of the sales will go to people who just think it will add to the experience to suck on a $9 beer while they watch the game. 10-20% of the sales will go to drunks who, if they were going to make a scene, were likely to do it with or without access...
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Heating up, down to 8. First round was a lot of fun in the West. East is a bit more top heavy I think and so went more predictably. I think Brooklyn is going to come out of the East. The West is likely to be Utah or Phoenix in my estimation. I think a healthy Nuggets team would have been a...
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    Another Marcus Paschal Pupil Picks Up Iowa Offer

    I didn't know Paschal was coaching. Cool to see, he was a very solid player.
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    Fran McCaffery Excited By '21-22 Roster's Potential

    With or without JW, this looks like a development year to me. NIT would be good, NCAA would be great. I think with Iowa basketball, as with football (to perhaps a slightly lesser extent), I think as a fan you really have to embrace the old "it's about the journey, not the destination" saying...
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Ha, gotta love Boston fans! They have a bit of a Philly-vibe to them, long memories! Gotta say, very entertaining first round so far. Really hoping the Suns will find a way to dispatch the Lakers, that would be funny!
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    DSM history buffs - Des Moines Speedway?

    Since this thread kind of morphed into am HN motorsports catch-all... Anyone watch the 500 today? Great race, a lot of fun! Tremndous energy in the grandstands, green almost the whole way (I think only 2 cautions?) and ended with a surprise winner (of sorts). Also, some great casual live TV...
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    Tyler Cook Buys Mom New Car

    That's great, I love to see an ex-Hawk doing well in pros (especially the NBA where it, unfortunately, hasn't really happened much lately). As an aside, it's absolutely amazing the kind of scratch you can make in the NBA. I think TC is making something like $700K/yr - not bad for a reserve...
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    Iowa Football Brings Back Jason Manson as Staff Member

    Always good to bring an ex player in, hope he does well. I forgot he started/played that 06 Syracuse game. That game has stuck in my mind as one of my most stressful experiences as a sports fan, lol. I don't remember being elated, just relieved!
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    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    This thread really delivers. I think there may be a lesson lurking here about the dangers of hero worship. The older I've gotten, the more I've found myself being philosophical about who is worthy of being on a pedestal. You see this a lot in sports because so much of what makes a great...
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Look at that crazy get up, lol! I think the Mavs are gonna take the Clippers down, that would tickle me. The Clippers kind of irritate me for some reason. Nets are the team to beat on paper, IMO. They never really got in the groove with that roster - injuries. Can they flip the switch and...
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Honestly, I have thought the same many times - ie just make draft order random draw. I love the NBA, watch a ton of it, but let's be honest - it's basically rigged. Even more so than MLB I think because the MLB isn't "rigged", it's just structured in such a way that some teams spend 4X more...
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Ah, OK, play in tournament - fair point. I don't like it, really hoping it doesn't stick. Hopefully the Warriors getting bumped will cause the league to re-evaluate.
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    I'm biased for sure (heavily invested in the Nuggets as a fan), but Denver and Portland do have a bit of a history. I believe there is a genuine dislike going on between them. It's not old school clear the benches and throw punches kind of stuff, but it's certainly had some "wow, that was a...
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    OT: NBA Playoffs!

    Oof, Nets all over the Celtics. I don't think anyone was exactly predicting the Celtics as a conf finals contender or anything like that, but I'm getting sweep vibes in that series. Nets might be looking to send a message. Speaking of sending a message, my Nuggets trounced the Blazers last...
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    Jordan Bohannon Involved in Physical Altercation

    I finally watched the video. If you froze time and ask everyone in-frame to raise their hand if mommy and/or daddy still pay your cell phone bill, I all but guarantee every single person raises their hand. Conclusion: none of you are anything resembling tough and whatever the hell you are...